Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 – Match Analysis and Playoffs Predictions

There are a lot of upcoming matches that you can bet on this July. However, choose carefully as there are a lot of favorites who lost in the recent weeks. Below, you can find our CSGO picks for the upcoming Playoffs matches at Elisa Summer Invitational 2021.

ELISA Invitational Summer Playoffs

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Honestly, we are not buying into BIG having difficulty and gradually dropping in rankings. There is too much all of the players are bringing to the table and this is obvious from their recent results. They already defeated the likes of FURIA, Mouz and G2 over the past two weeks and looked comfortable doing it. Them playing at this Elisa event seems more like a money grab.

Their first opponent is SKADE. Now the Bulgarians did decent in their own right thus far, but the power gap between the Swiss Stage and Playoffs is insane. Fully expect a blowout at the hand of BIG regardless of map selection or bans.

All in all, with a map advantage, player and skill advantage this seems like a dominant 2:0 for BIG.

Nordavind vs Entropiq

We already talked about Entropiq and how good they actually are in our previous predictions. Once again, we are going to place our money on them as they have a super easy opponent in front of themselves. Despite winning their last duel, Nordavind has been struggling this past few weeks, while Entropiq excelled.

It is also important to mention that these two teams competed on a total of 6 maps recently with Nordavind winning 3 of those. However, my “gut” feeling says Entropiq comes ahead in this match. As i am not certain if they can nail a clean series, just an outright prediction on Entropiq will be sufficient.

FURIA vs 777

Moving on towards the easiest match in our selection. FURIA are looking incredible right now and they have an easy opponent to continue deep into the bracket. This match is likely going to serve as practice for Lucas “honda” Honda to pad his stats ahead of IEM Cologne. We do hype FURIA a lot, but 777 had a solid run at this event considering they came in as complete outsiders. The problem is, they end up facing the high seed invite which is on an absolute tear right now.

This series is likely ending up 2:0 in favor of FURIA.

ENCE vs Endpoint

For our last prediction, we are going with the heavy underdog. Endpoint won 2 out of the last 4 matches they played. On the other hand, ENCE won 8 out of their last 10. ENCE even beat Endpoint 2:1 in their last match 12 days ago.

We just witnessed Endpoint absolutely dominate both sAw and CPHF in back to back series, and I feel they might continue the trend here. ENCE has the on paper map pool advantage but we would not be surprised if Endpoint beats them on Ancient, Inferno or Overpass (depending on bans) and then proceeds to win this best of 3 series on the decider.

BIG vs SKADEBIG to win 2:0@ 1.93
Nordavind vs EntropiqEntropiq to win 0:2@ 2.01
FURIA vs 777FURIA to win 2:0@ 1.73
ENCE vs EndpointEndpoint to win@ 2.48
TOTAL ODDS 16.64 (+1554)

We are looking at an easy ~16x return on outright selections over at GG.BET. Not a bad haul for a 4-way accumulator.