EMEA on top in VALORANT Champions 2022 Decider Matches

After the Decider Matches in the Group Stage, all the teams that will take part in the VALORANT Champions 2022 playoffs have been determined. In the last matches of the stage, the favorites generally won, while Paper Rex, the runner-up of the previous tournament, said goodbye to the event.

VALORANT Champions 2022 Decider Matches - EMEA on top

Paper Rex vs Team Liquid

The decider matches started with Group A. Paper Rex, the runners-up of the last international event Masters Copenhagen, found themselves in a difficult situation in the group stage. Despite starting the tournament with a win over Edward Gaming, they lost to Leviatán in the Winners’ match, putting their chances in jeopardy.

Team Liquid, unlike their opponents, suffered their first loss in the first match, which was unintentional. Fortunately, the EMEA representative was able to start their comeback by eliminating Edward Gaming and qualify for the Decider Match.

As expected, the series started with a very close map. The first game played in Haven ended with a 15-13 win for Liquid. Immediately afterwards, Paper Rex had a spectacular reaction to tie the series 1-1, but Liquid won the last game to advance to the playoffs.


The Brazilian representative has finally managed to break their bad luck. After a disappointing end to the last tournament, a lot of people were starting to doubt them for VALORANT Champions 2022. They dispelled some of those doubts by starting the tournament with a win. However, due to the OpTic loss that followed, they had to face a life and death match again.

ZETA DIVISION lost their first match in the group against LOUD. They then defeated APAC team BOOM Esports to stay alive. Although the Japanese representative played very superior games from time to time, he could not resist his strong opponent in the Decider Match and lost the series 2-0 and said goodbye to the tournament.

FunPlus Phoenix vs KRÜ Esports

Defending champions FunPlus Phoenix are taking firm steps forward in their VALORANT Champions 2022 adventure. After winning the first match of the group, they stumbled against XSET, but overall their performance has been good so far. Due to the loss, they had to face KRÜ Esports again to get out of the group.

It was not a difficult task for the EMEA team to defeat the opponents they beat in the first match of the group. FPX won the series played on the Icebox and Ascent map with scores of 13-9 and 13-4 and made it to the playoffs.

100 Thieves vs FNATIC

VALORANT Champions 2022’s group of death ended as predicted. With DRX coming out on top of a very strong group of teams, 100 Thieves and Fnatic faced off in the final match. In the teams’ first matchup, 100 Thieves managed to take down Fnatic despite all predictions.

Things were not going so well for Fnatic. First they lost to 100 Thieves, then they defeated FURIA with too much difficulty. While the danger bells were ringing for the European giant, the players managed to bounce back. In the most important match of the season, they put on a spectacular performance, winning the series with scores of 13-5 and 13-7 to advance to the next round.

VALORANT Champions 2022 will continue with Playoff matches.