EPICENTER CS:GO is returning to Moscow in December

The biggest CS:GO event in the CIS region is returning to Moscow this winter. Between the 17th and 22nd of December 2019, eight teams will battle for supremacy and $500,000 in prize money at the EPICENTER CS:GO. The announcement came earlier today with four direct invites already known. One last invite is pending while the remaining three will have to go through one of the qualifiers in the CIS, China, and Europe.

The story so far

With the four invites all being seeded within the Global Top 10, we can be sure the qualifiers are destined to attract big names in the lead up to the event. There are also half a million reasons as an additional motivator for the teams. All previous editions featured thrilling duels between big names in the CIS region and their western counterparts. For instance, every final to date has featured a CIS team battling a western powerhouse.

On two occasions Virtus.Pro failed to take the crown from Dignitas or SK-Gaming, while Natus Vincere failed at the task last year. This year, AVANGAR and Natus Vincere both have a strong case for winning the whole event. If we add a potential Hard Legion Esports (ex-DreamEaters), Vega Squadron or ForZe getting in through a qualifier, we might witness EPICENTER crown a homegrown champion for the first time since the series started.

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Potential contenders from Europe are still up for debate. Fnatic, NiP, FaZe, Astralis or ENCE can still decide to go through a qualifier or wait on the last invitation spot, although our speculation is that Team Liquid will receive the final invite if they wish to attend the event. One of the problems the teams are facing is seasonal burnout especially towards the end of the season. Last year Astralis and Mousesports both had to cancel their attendance due to burnout.

Regardless, judging by the initial announcement, EPICENTER 2019 is likely keeping their Major level mantle alive.

Epicenter CSGO Moscow December 2019


Stick around for updates

We are keeping a close eye on EPICENTER 2019 and will have one of our writers on site during the event. Keep track of our esports news section for updates and make sure you check out tickets for the event at epicenter.gg/en

See you in December.

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