Escape From Tarkov Arena Game Revealed

With a reveal that stunned fans of the popular PvPvE title, Battlestate Games finally lifted the lid on the Escape From Tarkov Arena expansion. In a trailer lasting just a minute and a half, a bold, exciting project was revealed, and surprisingly, a lot of information was shared from the word go. This reveal came after several days of cryptic messages from Battlestate Games, the developer behind Escape From Tarkov.

Following the debut of the Escape From Tarkov Arena trailer, critics, creators, and fans took to the airwaves to express their opinions. This is the first ‘new’ game mode to land in Tarkov since the game first launched in 2016, but it’s a little more than it seems at first glance…

Escape From Tarkov Arena Is A Standalone Game

There have been whispers (and hopes) concerning an Arena mode in Escape From Tarkov for several months – and then some. While the traditional PvPvE, looter-shooter, raid in, raid out mechanics have remained enjoyable, fans are eager to welcome new content in the world of Tarkov. When it came down to it, an Arena mode simply made so much sense, and Battlestate Games has been borderline teasing the integration of such a mode for a while.

Here’s the trailer that was revealed on the 3rd of June:

While at first glance this may seem like a simple expansion, Escape From Tarkov Arena is actually something far greater. In a shocking twist, Battlestate Games revealed that Arena is actually a standalone game project and will be separate from Escape From Tarkov, the main game. It’s a spin-off title with its own sub-story, setting, and progression paths, and it boasts ‘gladiatorial combat’ in various arenas built in and around Tarkov.

Reportedly, Escape From Tarkov Arena will feature unique PvP and PvE modes, as well as ‘weapon and gear unlocking systems’. It was further explained by Battlestate that owners of the ‘Edge of Darkness’ pack, which is Tarkov’s premier purchase option, will receive access to Escape From Tarkov Arena for free. For those that own other editions, it’ll require extra payment to get involved, and for those that don’t own Tarkov at all, it can be purchased as a totally separate product.

Unfortunately, according to the current roadmap, it could be 2023 before the Arena is released.

Unfolding The Esports Potential

In recent years, Tarkov’s esports scene has been developing, driven mostly by community-organised competitions. However, recently, Battlestate Games has been backing intense, popular tournaments, particularly those organised by Evasion, arguably the most prolific esports organisation working within the realms of Tarkov. Not only does Evasion boast countless content creators flying its banner, but it regularly hosts tournaments with prize pools worth as much as $18,000.

Further to the Evasion tournaments, Tarkov is often a key figure in the Twitch Rivals space, with tournaments having emerged in the past boasting prize pools of around $60,000. In 2020, the Twitch Rivals Tarkov Showdown pulled in a peak viewership of 227,000 users.

With the impending launch of Escape From Tarkov Arena, the Tarkov esports scene could be set to blow up. This was highlighted quite clearly by Pestily, who can be described as the leading Escape From Tarkov content creator:

As the Escape From Tarkov Arena boasts a team-based competitive structure, it’s the perfect breeding ground for more organised esports. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that, as far as we know, it’ll still boast many of the same mechanics that Escape From Tarkov does right now. By that, we mean the inertia, realism, and hardcore survival mechanics that we’ve come to know and (for the most part) appreciate as Tarkov players.

Therefore, one potential blocker to the popularity of Escape From Tarkov esports is the lack of accessibility. This is a remarkably difficult game, it’s quite a niche title, and whilst it’s incredibly popular, even long-term players can vouch for the anxiety and intensity that the platform fosters. On the other hand, it’s simply one of the most exciting shooters out there, and it could exactly be what the world of esports needs – a real challenge.

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