Escape From Tarkov: Halloween Event Guide

Escape From Tarkov is well known for its in-game events that keep players on their toes throughout the years. At the moment, players are contending with an intense Halloween-themed event in Tarkov that’s pushing them to the limits of their abilities – and offering up some incredible rewards at the same time. It’s one of the more complex, innovative events we’ve seen in Escape From Tarkov in recent years, and that means a guide for the Tarkov Halloween event is of the utmost importance.

If you want to saunter through the event with as minimal a challenge as possible, then check out our guide below. Like many Tarkov events, succeeding at this one depends almost entirely on your ability as a PMC. It’s all well and good this guide detailing the steps that you need to follow, but it’ll be down to you to have the gunny skills to see you through this nightmarish event.

Are you ready? Let’s break down the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event.

He’s Coming

tarkov halloween event

Image Credit: Battlestate Games

It’s all about Zryachiy this year, and he comes bearing both gifts and guns – but it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Here’s our step-by-step guide (with some top-tier tips) for overcoming the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event.

He’s Friendly, At First

On every map, you have a chance to find Zryachiy, one of the newest bosses in Escape From Tarkov who was introduced to Lighthouse last year. He’s friendly at first and will drop random loot on the floor when you approach him. However, this Tarkov Halloween event kicks off when you take advantage of his friendly state to kill him without much of a challenge.


Once you’ve killed Zryachiy, you’ll notice that all the extracts become unlocked — for you, that is. Every other player has their extract sites locked down, and they can’t leave the map. There’s an enormous obstacle to overcome to unlock them again, unfortunately.

Stop The Ritual

Now that Zryachiy is dead, you’ll have seven minutes to find, disrupt, and stop a Cultist ritual. It’s not hard to track down – it’s marked out by a huge blue beam that reaches up into the now-stormy sky. Once you get to the ritual site, you’ll need to contend with enraged, bloodthirsty Cultists who are attempting to resurrect Zryachiy – and you’ll want to do that as soon as possible.


If you fail to stop the Ritual, a ‘vengeful Zryachiy ‘ will be summoned from the dead, and he’s almost impossible to kill. Every limb (including the head and thorax) boasts 6,666 health – that’s almost 40,000 HP. He’ll chase you to the ends of the map to eliminate you, and only the most well-coordinated, overpowered team will be able to eliminate him. If you can kill him, the extracts open up, and you’ll get some sweet rewards.

Top Tips For The Tarkov Halloween Event

That’s the path you’ll need to follow, but here are a few key tips that you’ll need to succeed.

  • Green Flare items don’t work on Cultists (they can’t be allied with), but they will work on bosses like Glukhar, who will help you fight the Cultists
  • If the Cultists can complete their ritual, you’ll be hit with disruptive debuffs that make your weapon constantly jam
  • Perfotoran and xTG-12 are the only medical items that remove Cultist poisons, so make sure to carry one or the other
  • Cultists have been debuffed for the event and now have audible footsteps and can appear on thermals
  • If you’re playing as a Player Scav and the Zryachiy ritual has been completed, you too will be hunted by him and his Cultists

Isn’t it exciting? Take advantage of it – the Tarkov Halloween event won’t run for long!

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