Streets of Tarkov Map Guide – Learn Tarkov’s Hardest Map

The Streets of Tarkov map in Escape from Tarkov is a formidable environment for even the toughest players. From cutthroat bosses to snipers posted everywhere, and from a roaming APC to dense minefields, learning the Streets of Tarkov map can make for a daunting prospect. Fortunately, we’ve put together a Streets of Tarkov guide to help you understand this beast of a map in full, from the Streets of Tarkov tasks to the areas you’ll want to avoid – or take extra care in.

If you’ve been struggling with the Streets of Tarkov map, look no further than this guide. We’ll provide you with the resources you need to dominate on Tarkov’s Streets, regardless of whether you’re running as a Player Scav or a PMC character. It’s a huge obstacle to overcome, but once you’ve learned everything about the hardest map in Tarkov, you’ll be unstoppable.

Let’s get into it – here’s our Tarkov Streets map guide.

How to Learn The Tarkov Streets Map

streets of tarkov map

If there’s one thing we can advise to new Escape from Tarkov players, it’s that doing something is the best way to learn. It doesn’t matter if you run ‘offline’ raids, Scav runs, or simply run around the Streets of Tarkov map as a thinly-kitted PMC, you’ll learn best by exploring the map with your boots on the ground. It’s a daunting map with dozens of points of interest, exfil sites, and loot spots, and it’s fraught with danger at every turn.

There are resources that you can make use of to better learn the map, though. Here are some of the best Streets of Tarkov maps and resources that we’ve found online:

Everything To Know About Streets of Tarkov

Here are some opening tips for Streets of Tarkov, just so you’re fully informed before we get into the guide.

  • Streets of Tarkov has raids that last 50 minutes and it accommodates between 12 – 16 players
  • It features two challenging bosses: Kaban and Kallontay
  • It features a roaming ‘BTR’ APC that offers a range of services, like a mobile stash, armoured taxi, or cover fire
  • It’s almost completely urban, so outfits with black or grey colouring are advised
  • It features a total of 17 extraction sites
  • It’s one of the best maps in Tarkov for money runs

Streets of Tarkov also boasts some of the best verticality in the game, with basements and multi-storey buildings being open and explorable. It has more interiors than any other map and features everything from nightclubs to restaurants and from shopping malls to hotels.

Streets of Tarkov Tasks

There are 36 tasks to be completed in Streets of Tarkov, ranging from simply finding one item to planting devices in tricky locations. Fortunately, Escape from Tarkov’s gameplay loop will see you dip in and out of Streets of Tarkov as you progress – you won’t get those tasks handed to you all at once. Also, several tasks require you to extract from a certain location, which will help you get the hang of the Streets of Tarkov exfil sites.

Most of the tasks on Streets of Tarkov aren’t too tough, and you can find specific guides for them on the Tarkov Wiki (see above). What’s difficult is navigating this sizeable map and avoiding all the bosses and pitfalls littered around.

How to Stay Safe on Tarkov Streets Map

streets of tarkov map

If you’re going to learn how to play Tarkov, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping your eyes and ears open at all times. In a game where a single shot can mean the end of your raid, it’s important to be aware no matter what map you’re playing on. Here are some things to watch out for when you’re exploring the Streets of Tarkov map:

  • Kallontay (the newest boss) spawns in the Klimov Shopping Mall or the Ministry of the Interior Academy – he boasts 1050 HP, can have four tough guards, and has an 8% spawn chance
  • Kaban spawns in the LexOs car dealership, which is surrounded by anti-personnel mines, and he has a whopping 1300 HP. He also has four guards, and two or three sniper guards, and has an 8% spawn chance.
  • There are Snipers dotted around the map – at the Cinema, the Theatre, the Shopping Mall, the Terragroup Building, and the LexOs Car Dealership.
  • Around LexOs, there is a dense minefield, here’s a map to avoid them

Bear in mind that AI Scavs (and player-controlled Scavs) can appear almost anywhere at any time – so keep your finger on the trigger.

Streets of Tarkov Extracts

Here’s the full list of extracts, their designation, and a short guide regarding their location:

  • Cardinal Apartment Complex (PMC ONLY): At the ‘top’ of the map behind the Cardinal Hotel
  • Collapsed Crane (PMC ONLY): In the construction area to the ‘lower left’ of the map, behind LexOs
  • Ruined House (PMC ONLY): Behind the Cinema to the ‘lower right’ of the map
  • Crash Site (PMC ONLY): Past Concordia and LexOs, towards the end of a road in the very ‘bottom left’ of the map
  • Expo Checkpoint (PMC ONLY): Behind the President Hotel and Expo Centre at the ‘top’ of the Streets map
  • Pinewood Basement (CO-OP ONLY): In the basement of the Pinewood Hotel
  • Klimov Street (PMC ONLY): Alongside the Klimov Shopping Mall, requires a GREEN FLARE to work
  • Courtyard (PMC ONLY): At the very ‘bottom right’ of the map, alongside the Cinema (not always open)
  • Primorsky Ave Taxi V-EX (PMC ONLY): At the ‘bottom end’ of the long, central road (requires 5000 roubles)
  • Sewer River (PMC ONLY) To the ‘right’ of the map leading down behind the Theatre
  • Stylobate Building Elevator (PMC ONLY): At the very ‘top’ of the map in the Stylobate Building, behind Beluga
  • Basement Descent (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘left’ of the map, in the Museum
  • Near Kamchatskaya Arch (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘left’ of the map, alongside the Museum
  • Basement Entrance (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘right’ of the map, back from the Cinema
  • Sewer Manhole (SCAV ONLY): On the ‘left’ of the map behind LexOs and the Construction Site
  • Klimov Shopping Mall (SCAV ONLY): In Klimov Shopping Mall at the ‘top right’ of the map
  • Ventilation Shaft (SCAV ONLY): In the open in front of the Cinema location, hidden in some bushes
  • Cardinal Apartment Complex Parking (SCAV ONLY): At the top of the map, alongside the Cardinal Apartment Complex

That’s everything you need to know to succeed on the Streets of Tarkov map. The rest of it is up to you and your talent as an Escape from Tarkov player.

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