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With enough matches played in every ESEA S38 region, the time has come to recap what happened so far and which teams should be favored. On top of that, you will find our picks alongside odds for the upcoming matches so do not miss out on this one.

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ESEA Season 38 Premier Recaps

As you may already know, this edition of ESEA has been split into three regions, Europe, North America and Australia. A lot has happened thus far, with some interesting upsets along the way. We stayed quiet thus far due to the unpredictable nature of online play lately.  Now with plenty of matches to sift through, let’s look at the key teams in each region.


So far, two teams are standing out in the European edition of ESEA. Both AGO and DBL PONEY looked solid as they only dropped one match so far. It is also important to mention that teams such as Apeks and Endpoint are having a poor event as they are barely winning anything right now. Blink also looked solid and they are currently the second-ranked team in group A.

North America

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the North American CSGO scene is nowhere to be found. All of the best teams like EG, Team Liquid, etc., have moved to Europe to compete against top rosters. Right now, ESEA S38 NA is looking grim as the only team worth talking about is Extra Salt. They have won all 4 matches and they are for sure going to win this event easily.


Let’s face it, the Australian CSGO pro scene never looked incredible. Teams such as ORDER and Renegades are the only reason why this scene is relevant. But, it is important to talk about VERTEX right now as they are currently in front of Renegades with 18 points. They did not drop a single match in 6 and that is impressive. It is going to be interesting to see how long will their run last.

ESEA Season 38 Predictions with

We found some interesting odds with provider for ESEA Premier S38 matches. Paired with either of the active Bonus offers currently active, the matches have decent odds to help you roll-over your deposit and earn some extra profits.

Endpoint vs Wisla Krakow

We already mentioned that Endpoint had a poor start to ESEA S38 Europe and this is why we are expecting them to turn things around. They have a perfect opponent in front of themselves in Wisla Krakow. Individually, they are a much better team and when it comes to map pool for this one, we must side with Endpoint.

Vertigo, Overpass, Mirage, and Dust 2 are all of the maps where we heavily favor Endpoint in this match. All in all, this is by far one of the best bets you can make in this event.

Prediction: Endpoint to win
Odds: 1.60

Mythic vs ChocoCheck

Right now, Mythic are considered underdogs after dropping a series to ONET4P. Their next opponent is struggling to maintain form also. ChocoCheck barely beat Big Chillin 16:14 on two maps and is hardly looking confident right now. We all know that Mythic is not really a serious team, but we can’t miss out on betting on these guys to beat Choco.

Map veto is going to be interesting, but overall,. Mythic should get two solid maps for themselves and eventually, they will be able to put their stamp on this match and come out on top.

Prediction: Mythic to win
Odds: 2.05

Third Impact vs Verum

Finally, we have Third Impact seeking to earn some wins in their final final four matches. While currently last in the standings, TI had by far the worst opponents to kick off their ESEA run. After dropping matches to both GGPR esports and Extra Salt, the rest of the competition looks like easy W’s.Unlike them, Verum sits in a similar spot in the standings, but dropped matches to way weaker opponents thus far. We fully expect Verum ending up last in the standings once the Group Stage is over.

For this match specifically, map selection wont mean much as we are confident Third Impact will win either way.

Prediction: Third Impact to win
Odds: 1.65

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