ESEA Season 36 Europe competition analysis and betting favorites

Thirty-six seasons in, ESEA Europe is still one of the best leagues for up and coming talent in the region. The current season provides a nice mix of old and new to keep the talent pipeline flowing just nicely.

With a total of 18 teams competing in two groups, ESEA Season 36 Europe has all it takes to provide a top-notch experience not only for viewers but for bettors as well. After all, there is an ESL Pro League S14 slot on the line for the winner. This is why we decided to bring you closer to the ESEA Season 36 Europe CSGO betting favorites so do not miss out.

ESEA Season 36 Europe


ESEA Season 36 Europe Betting Favorites

Out of 18 teams in total, not a lot of them can be considered as favorites to go all the way in this league and win the entire thing. However, we believe that there is a big mismatch in this event which gives us all a chance to capitalize on.


When it comes to betting on ESEA Season 36 Europe, we simply can’t leave out Sprout. Even though this team does not have anything to look for against top competition, they have every right to be considered as favorites here.

The competition here is not that good and the sooner you acknowledge that the better. As of late, started to offer competitive odds on Sprout winning.


This CIS-based team has a mixed reception in the world of betting. If their hard hitters are point, they will win games easily, especially at this level that they are playing on right now. However, if their star players such as xsepower do not show up, this team can easily be defeated by the likes of APEKS and FATE.

On paper, betting on forZe is risky, but we simply do not believe that there are a lot of teams that come close to the amount of firepower forZe has. From our point of view, they are too good of a team to turn our heads away from. Additionally, based on how well they handled themselves at Snow Sweet Snow, we are confident they can plow throw their opposition with relative ease.


It feels like LDLC has been around for a while now. However, they were never able to keep their momentum and stay consistent. So far, they did not play a single match in the ESEA Season 36 Europe. Even though this is a long shot, we believe that the amount of experience this team has is heaps above their opponents.

Possible ESEA Season 36 Europe Underdog Bets

Now that we have broken down the top three teams that we believe have what it takes to go all the way and lift the trophy, it is also important to talk about teams who stand a chance of surprising everyone and succeeding as the underdog. Here are a couple of underdog picks.

 ALTERNATE ATTAX – a lot of punters are neglecting the fact that Alternate aTTaX assembled a solid line-up. Even though their roster changes are fresh, we would not be surprised if they come out guns swinging. It is also important to mention that Alternate aTTaX started things off on the right foot by grabbing one victory out of the two league matches they played so far.

AGO – despite a series of bad results, we would not rule out the Polish roster just yet. This team is filled with veterans who could easily drag most of the up and comers and successfully beat them. All in all, odds on AGO are too good to pass on.

All in all, these are five teams that are likely making it out of groups and into Playoffs. Punters can bet on each of these teams in matches where they don’t face each other. Most of our favorite picks hail from Group B however, with only ForZe in Group A. This means you have at least eight group stage matches to bet on just on ForZe over the next two months.

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