ESL One Fall 2021 Match Odds and Betting Analysis

It’s only a mere 45 days until the International 10 (TI10) kicks off in Bucharest. Fortunately, we don’t need to wait too long to witness these TI10 attendees battle. The ESL One Fall 2021 gives us a glimpse into what the competition is made of. And this boot camp event is one opportunity we don’t want to miss a Dota 2 betting slip before TI10.

With a good amount of matches happening this past weekend, we have a clear sense of how teams are performing and who grew the most ahead of the Fall portion of the season. I am now ready to make several match predictions that are certainly going to increase your bankroll.

Let’s analyze four matches coming up on August 24th.


T1 vs Virtus.Pro

T1 and Virtus.Pro are both regional representatives at The International for Southeast Asia and CIS, respectively. T1 should’ve be of everyone’s notable interest after delivering an incredible showing at the WePlay AniMajor. However, their showing at this event has been lacking thus far.

Virtus.Pro is off to a flying start at ESL One Fall with 3 back-to-back wins without dropping a single game. They are the heavy favorites in this match and are likely taking this series cleanly.

The Dota 2 odds are, of course, in favor of Virtus.Pro. However, the draw odds are quite high as well, as a 1:1 series is also likely. We can expect T1 to deliver a decent performance in at least one of the two games, so selecting a draw or VP win is a simple coin toss.

Alternatively, I would go for a Match handicap bet against VP (-10.5) for a solid x1.86 return.

Thunder Predator vs Team Spirit

The second match in my selection is between Thunder Predator and Team Spirit. Both teams are TI10 attendees and both are struggling to maintain form at this event. We are taking into account that the odds on this match look really skewed toward one side. Team Spirit, despite their strong debut in DPC 2021, never really delivered impressive results up until their qualifier gauntlet. Yet, being the CIS team to plow through an entire region and book a TI spot is no small feat.

Thunder Predator on the other hand, had the comfort of direct qualification despite never really amounting to much after the Singapore Major. The South American squad seems to have taken their season lightly after securing at TI invite and might finish this event without a single win.

The odds heavily favor Team Spirit despite their dodgy performances. Team Spirit has an x1.97 return versus TP at x6.72. If there’s one match you would want to risk a small bet for an upset booster, this is the one. TP might rally back to deliver one good performance at the end of their run and Spirit might be the unlucky receiver of the tryhards.

Alliance vs Team Liquid

Our third and final selection for August 24th features two European powerhouses who had very different season outcomes. Both Liquid and Alliance are on par in terms of performance, yet Liquid gets to watch Ti10 from the comfort of their homes, while Alliance earned a direct invite.

During the entire season and Singapore Major, both teams were neck and neck in terms of performance in what was a very close season in EU overall. We can’t expect a clear winner at this stage and this is the only match where a draw seems more than likely.

With Dota 2 odds at x1.95 for a draw, it’s still a solid selection though and would bring our overall odds at x7 if we tie all 3 matches and predictions in an accumulator.

Overall, its a good week for Dota 2, as we have i-League 2021 Season 2 happening as well over in China. Check back with our Esports News section for the match coverage.