ESL Pro League Season 16 – Match Predictions & Breakdown

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Endpoint

After a rough start to ESL Pro League Season 16, the Swedish franchise will look to bounce back against Endpoint. However, this will not be a walk in the park for NIP as Endpoint proved in their last match that they can handle anyone.

In the last five, Ninjas are sitting on two victories and three defeats. Bear in mind that they lost two straight and they were unable to win a map. Endpoint suffered a narrow defeat to Spirit in the ESL Pro League S16 opener, but they pulled off a major upset by stomping Natus Vincere 2-0.

If we take a closer look at the CSGO odds provided by betting sites, they are all heavily favoring NIP in this one. In our opinion, Ninjas in Pyjamas should be the favorites in this one, but we simply can’t write Endpoint off from this match and here is why.


Image Credits | ESL

The fact is, Endpoint have a relatively small map pool. NIP will for sure ban Dust 2 and that will leave Endpoint with only one solid map for themselves, that being Ancient. NIP, on the other hand, will have a decent range of maps to choose from. Inferno will definitely be their go-to pick and they should win it comfortably.

Let’s summarize this prediction. On paper, NIP is definitely a better team. They have a much better map pool, and their individual skill is miles ahead of Endpoints. However, they did not show anything in their last two games and that is a worrying sign. Contrary to that, Endpoint played their hearts out against Natus Vincere and they are going to be fired up for this one as well. In our books, Endpoint will be able to win at least one map in this one, and the odds are more than rewarding.

Prediction: Endpoint to win at least 1 map

Odds: 1.70

Betting Site: Betway

Fnatic vs Spirit

After winning six straight, fnatic run came to an end after they faced off against Natus Vincere. Even though they lost, this match could have easily gone the other way around. Prior to beating Endpoint in their last bout, Spirit was winless in three straight matches.

To be honest, there is not a lot of information Spirit and fnatic are bringing to the table in terms of map bans and picks. Dust 2 and Inferno are likely getting permabanned. As for the picks, Spirit will opt-in for either Overpass or Ancient. On the other hand, fnatic will go for Mirage or Nuke and they will be heavily favored on these two maps.

Since this match is basically a coin flip in the eyes of betting sites, we do not need much information to find a value bet for ourselves. We like what we see in the map pool department and overall fnatic form is much better.

Prediction: fnatic to win

Odds: 1.80

Betting Site:

Natus Vincere vs Vitality

Last but not least, we are leaving you with the safest betting option for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 16 matches. Despite losing to Endpoint in their last bout, we are positive that Natus Vincere will bounce back in this match and they have a perfect opponent to do so.

In the last six maps they played against Vitality, Natus Vincere did not lose a single map to the ZywOo and his squad. We are positive that this trend will continue. The best part regarding this bet is that the odds are more than rewarding.

Prediction: Natus Vincere to win

Odds: 1.55

Betting Site: Thunderpick