ESL Pro League Season 12 Weekly Predictions

The ESL Pro League Season 12 is live across all four competitive regions. In our weekly piece, we provide you with our analysis and predictions of upcoming matches. All matches can be either played as singles, multi-fold parlays (accumulators) or as system bets.

Below, you can find out what we are betting on and what are the reasons behind those bets. The section is updated weekly and you will have a transparent overview of how the were settled after every set of predictions is complete.

ESL Pro League Season 12 Weekly Predictions

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ESL Pro League Season 12 Playoffs Analysis

In order to make things easier for you to follow, we will analyze each match that becomes a part of your betting slip. We only select bets we are confident are “easy” to make and the chances of upsets are nonexistent. Furthermore, we try to cover matches you can easily find at most esports bookmakers. Finally, CSGO Betting Odds tend to vary wildly between different bookmakers so its important to give you picks that best work at the bookmaker of your choosing.

The ESL Pro League Season 12 is now over in the Americas. BOOM Esports are the South American Pro League champions, while FURIA lift the trophy in North America. Interestingly, both Americas are now dominated by a Brazilian team.

The European, Asian and Oceanic Pro Leagues are nearing their finals also. We are once again providing you with our match up analysis for your final ESL Pro League Season 12 betslips.


Let’s start things off with the Oceania region. Both AVANT and ORDER will try to catch the last train for the grand final. These are the facts.

AVANT won 4 out of their last 5 matches played. The only defeat they suffered was to ORDER. On the other hand, ORDER played a lot more matches and in their last five, they came out on top three times. It is also important to mention that these two teams played against each other a lot, 51 maps in total between them. ORDER won 28 maps while AVANT won 23 of those campaigns.

When it comes to map pool, we are siding with ORDER. It is also important to mention that these two teams share similar map pools and the fact is, we are probably not seeing Overpass nor Vertigo played in this best of 3. As for the other maps, ORDER should be favored on Nuke, Train and Inferno while AVANT will have their chances on Dust 2 and Mirage.

To summarize, ORDER just recently defeated AVANT and they are looking like a better team overall. It is also important to mention that their map pool seems to be slightly better and this will give them an advantage when the time for map veto comes. All in all, everything is pointing towards ORDER in this one and the odds are simply too good to pass on.

Prediction: ORDER to win

Beyond vs ViCi

In a couple of days, ViCi will battle it out against one of the biggest underdogs in the ESL Pro League Season 12 Asia. Let’s see how these two teams match.

ViCi won three our of their last five matches. However, the level of competition ViCi faced is on another level, when compared to Beyond. The Thai-based CS:GO roster also won three out of their last five played, but the teams they faced are nowhere near the top level of Asia CS:GO. The two teams played against each other on 13 maps. The head-to-head scoreline is heavily favoring ViCi in this one. They won 12 out of 13 maps they played against Beyond and that itself says a lot about this match.

If you believe that this is not enough facts for you to pull the trigger on ViCi, here is a map pool breakdown that will force you to add this match to your parlays. Dust 2 is the only map ViCi does not play, and this is the best map for Beyond. This basically means that ViCi will likely permaban Beyond’s best map leaving them without a fighting chance.

Additionally, ViCi will also probably look to ban Overpass and pick Vertigo for themselves, as this is a freebie. After that, action will switch to Nuke where ViCi should have a clear advantage. All in all, a swift 2-0 victory is expected.

Prediction: ViCi to win 2-0

Turning our ESL Pro League predictions into a betslip

After your make your final selection, your betslip will need to look something like this:

  1. AVANT vs ORDER – ORDER to win @ 1.53
  2. Beyond vs ViCi – ViCi to win 2-0 @ 1.72

Total Odds = 2.63
*odds provided by!

Previous Weeks Result

  1. The Week 3 Betslip Combo with 4.92 odds last week did not pull through. Vitality dropped their game to Complexity resulting in a betslip loss. The other three match ups between Astralis/Spirit, Liquid/C9 and C9/100T all panned out as expected. We did play a singles betslip on 100Thieves vs Cloud9 as well @ 1.55 odds which salvaged our combo bet loss somewhat.
  2.  Our Playoffs Round 1 Betslip Combo with 2.79 combo odds ended up going bust after ENCE dropped Mirage to Complexity. Team Liquid and 100 Thieves played the predicted 3 maps, and also salvaged some of our budget since we placed a singles bet on it as well.
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