Esports Fashion Week unveiled with Shady as first partner

The esports industry has close ties to quite a lot of other industries. It naturally links to gaming, to computer hard- and soft-ware, to things like esports betting and by way of sponsorships, even to things like car brands. That said, there is fairly limited overlap with the fashion world. Sure, many pro teams have hoodies or jerseys customized with their team’s info and logos as well as sponsors, but that’s not quite what fashion is all about.

It’s a bit of an undiscovered niche so far… but not for much longer! Esports Fashion Group, a company founded by Warren Fish, Owen Fish, Ali Rezvan, and Alex Bienert aims to unify and promote the few brands that already pursue esports fashion now. The first addition to the group is Garrett ‘Shady’ Smith Jr.

Esports Fashion Week

© Esports Fashion Group

Strut your stuff!

The Esports Fashion Week won’t quite be the same as New York or Paris fashion week, but will be unique in its own way.

Scheduled tentatively for Q3 2021, the esports fashion week aims to be a ‘first of its kind hub’ for esports fashion brands. New and existing brands will be able to debut their styles and collections there, quite like in a ‘real’ fashion week… or at least somewhat similar.

It all sounds quite promising since the founding members of Esports Fashion Group have plenty of experience . Warren Fish alone is a co-founder of esports tournament organizer Gfinity, and the others too, have impressive resumes. Of course, a good CV isn’t what makes a successful fashion event – but maybe their vision could!

“When I was first approached about this amazing opportunity, I couldn’t say no. The group’s vision was so clear, and there was no doubt in my mind that this would be a success. Since then, we have been working together to build the Esports Fashion Group to where it is today, and we’re all very proud of what we have achieved. I believe that this concept is the future of esports fashion, and I am looking forward to going on that journey with the ever-growing team.” Said Warren Fish about the official announcement.

On 30th April 2021, Esports Fashion Group announces Shady as the first to join the talent line up for the upcoming Esports Fashion Week in a presenting role. He is also due to take part in a an mixture of original content that is set to air before and during Esports Fashion Week 2021.

New kind of esports fashion

The format of the event will feature a seasonal collection with gear, equipment, and fashion designed especially for the event and more. The event is supposed to appeal to more than just esports fans – not only could this draw in fashion fans unfamiliar with esports or gaming, but it could also easily pave the way for new types of sponsorships with fashion companies. Such things already exist to a degree, with name brand clothing and apparel manufacturers sponsoring esports teams for example, but there is still a way to go.

Of course, there are also other players in the esports fashion scene – many large esports teams offer their own branded apparel for purchase the way a football team might. There are also organizations like E1337 or TUMI that brand themselves as the world’s first luxury esports fashion brand, and arent affiliated with any team, instead offering original design high-end products. It’s that sort of thing that could hit it off big in the upcoming esports fashion week – after all, there is plenty of untapped potential for style in the esports world!