Esports will become the mainstream sports competition by 2025

Esports is the buzzword we can’t help to read and hear about everywhere we go. Will esports become mainstream? Looks like Juniper Research knows the answer.

Recent research points toward a 20% year-on-year increase in esports industry value for a half-decade period. Almost all predictions by various authors points at a 10% increase every YoY least through the next decade.

will esports become mainstream

Juniper Research predicts esports reaches $3.5 billion by 2025

The new Juniper Research study found that the global esports industry will reach $2.1 billion this year (2021) and reach $3.5 billion by 2025, consisting of an attractive but predictable 70% four-year jump. While we all expect professional gamers as protagonists of the showcased esports industry, game streaming (subscription platforms and advertisers) also plays a big part in this growth.

The global esports spectators market is expected to grow from 800 million (end of 2021) to over 1 billion by 2025. The Asia Pacific would take the lead with half of these viewers, and surprising for many, Latin America will represent +130 million.

This massive number on demand will also create competition between giant platforms (like Twitch and YouTube) and smaller content creators. And it will create a connection with game publishers and leaders from other industries to capitalize on the spiked popularity.

Newzoo has similar esports predictions with global player numbers exceeding 3 billion by 2023, and at least 70% being aware of actively following an esport.

What can sponsors learn from this research?

Stakeholders see this rising viewership as an opportunity to invest in broadcasting rights, off-line/online event ticket sales, and sponsorship deals to reach new, engaged audiences. Sponsorship used to consist of video games and tech companies. But the esports public has changed. The competitive scene transformed into the mainstream media aired on TV networks. So it’s now for the average Joe as it’s for hardcore gamers. And larger the audience, the bigger the interest from the Fortune 500 to sponsor it, meaning esports to become mainstream is not a question of will it, but when.

Like any other industry, brands like yours can choose the sponsorship according to their marketing goals and budget. Then, identify who they’ll like to sell to (Casual Player or Team?) and where they enjoy being the most (Event or Tournament?). Of course, as with any sponsorship, esports also have common misconceptions and risks you have to assess.

Sponsorship is now esports main revenue stream, and esports betting sites know that.

And because the esports betting industry is barely picking up (compared to traditional iGaming/iBetting), this potential growth can represent a considerable advantage for your venture to become the first-ever wager for “something in specific.” It’s just a matter of time for lawmakers to discover how big esports betting can before they enable online esports betting in their countries.

Online sportsbooks are starting to include esports in their offering catalog, so it’s not just about niche sites. Luckily, the climax will come when regular bettors understand how the industry works.