LFL meets Ultraliga at EU Masters Spring Semifinals

It’s time to break down the four teams left at the European Masters Spring 2022 Semifinals. Who will advance to Finals?

Let’s find out.

As always, you can find the best odds for every given match at the end.


LDLC vs ARO Rogue

LDLC has been dominating the European Masters so far, winning all the games they’ve played in. Not only do they have a good read of the current meta, but they’re also flawless in the early game. They always end up building gold leads before the 15th-minute mark and thanks to good scaling comps, they’re always able to increase their lead in the mid-game and win through teamfighting. With both mid and ADC being always constant threats, LDLC look strong coming into the semifinals

AGO Rogue, on the other hand, haven’t shown as much dominance as their enemies. What’s interesting about AGO Rogue, however, is their unorthodox playstyle. The Ultraliga team is known for creative drafts and out-of-the-box picks, such as Ivern and Rengar, as well as Lillia jungle. Rabble has shown great flexibility in terms of play styles. ARO Rogue prefers punishing enemies rather than playing for objectives: it will be interesting to see if they have prepared anything for this series.

With that being said, I think that LDLC are a tier above everyone else. They destroyed X7 Esports, who was considered one of the top teams in the European Masters and their level of play shown recently is attesting to that. They will likely own AGO Rogue from the early game and take control of the rhythm of the game. Below you can find the best odds for the series:

  • Map 1 Winner: LDLC OL (1.35x)
  • Total Maps: under 3.5 (2.23x)
  • Correct Map Score: 3-0 LDLC OL (2.4x)
  • First Blood: LDLC OL (1.59x)
  • Race to 5 kills: LDLC OL (1.54x)
  • Map 1 Total kills: Under 28.5 (1.94x)

Karmine Corp vs Vitality.Bee

3 Teams in the European Masters Spring Semifinals show how strong the LFL is compared to other ERLs. With LDLC looking strong heading into semis, we will likely see a full French final. Karmine Corp and Vitality.Bee, however, should have a much closer series compared to the other one, especially considering the similarity in their playstyle.

Both teams like to let their ADCs farm and scale-up, with the junglers and supports playing a vital role in the early-to-mid transition. Karmine Corp’s main difference with Vitality.Bee is that they are less reliant on their marksman and are willing to draft carry top laners rather than weakside tanks. Cabochard has also played Jayce, Lucian and Irelia, proving that KCorp can have more flexibility in the drafts phase.

Not only that but by looking at the statistics (provided by gol.gg), KCorp are usually able to create higher gold leads pre-15 minute compared to their counterpart. (1572 vs 4224, only considering stats from the Main Event)

Drafts-wise, I expect KCorp to continue banning Ornn and Renata, two champions that the team deems OP in this meta. On the other hand, Leblanc and Ryze are often Ahri’s counters, a champion that Vitality.Bee enjoys playing. Aside from those, it will all be down to creativity.

To conclude, while I do expect KCorp to take the series, I’m also expecting to see a strong Vitality.Bee that takes at least one game somewhere in the series. With KCorp having the chance to play for the top side more often than the enemies, there might be an early trade of neutral objectives on the map. With that mind, you can find the best odds for the series below:

  • Winner: KCorp (1.62x)
  • Correct Map Score: 3-1 Karmine Corp (3.92x)
  • Total Maps: under 4.5 (1.43x)
  • First Blood: Karmine Corp (1.75x)
  • Total kills: over 27.5 (1.74x)
  • Map 1 – Race to 10 kills: Karmine Corp (1.83x)