LoL EU Masters Spring 2022 Group Stage expectations after Week 1

It’s time to check out the progress at the European Masters Spring 2022 Group Stage.

Who earned a higher chance of advancing after one round of play, and who will struggle to make it out? Let’s break it down, group by group.

EU Masters Standings Round 1

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European Masters Spring 2022 Round 1 Rundown

After one round of play most groups went to “expected” favorites without too many upsets. Coming into Week 2 we fully expect the same patterns to continue with only one or two upsets possible.

Group A

  • AGO Rogue
  • Crvena zvezda Esports
  • Eintracht Spandau
  • Vitality.Bee

Starting off from Group A, there two names that immediately come to mind as the potential top 2: AGO Rogue and Vitality.Bee. Both teams started Round 1 strong with Vitality winning all three matches and AGO losing only to the former.

This was fully expected as both teams are respective academies of the LEC teams. We still can’t count Eintracht Spandau out. The second seed from the Prime League have impressed in their ERL, beating favorites Gamer Legion once in Playoffs. Keep an eye on Eintracht in Round 2 cause they may challenge AGO and cause some tiebreaker scenarios. The unfortunate victim of this group is Crvena Zvezda, who will however be an important factor for the other 3 teams in case they can take a series off them.

Group B

  • GamerLegion
  • Karmine Corp
  • Team Phantasma
  • X7 Esports

The Group of Death in this European Masters Spring went down to KCorp and X7 in the opening round.  The X7 domination wasn’t a real surprise. If we had to choose one team out of the four to advance 100%, X7 was the choice; their roster is pretty stacked and the two Korean imports really make a difference. KCorp the fan favorites did finish Round 1 on a 2-1 scoreline and we fully expect the rematch against X7 to be a banger.

Team Phantasma will have the golden chance to play against some of the strongest teams in the whole European competitive scene. They won’t make it out of the group, but the team will learn a lot from their run. Sadly, GamerLegion got drafted into a very competitive Group and we can only expect defeats out of them come Week 2.

Group C

  • Bifrost
  • Fnatic TQ
  • Team BDS Academy
  • Team ESCA Gaming

While on paper, Fnatic TQ and Team BDS Academy had strong chances of making it out, Bifrost took the cake in Week 1. Academy teams with players from bigger stages (BEAN, Crownshot) have a lot of experience and should come out strong in Week 2. Team ESCA Gaming showed a much lower level compared to the other Ultraliga representative AGO Rogue, so their hopes of advancing will likely be slim in what can be considered a quite competitive group.

With two teams at 2-1 and the other two at 1-2, Week 2 may bring some serious tiebreakers.

Group D

  • Atleta Esports
  • Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition

Group D is probably the only one where we can make an easier prediction. EUM favorites LDLC OL are without a doubt the best team in the group, while Atleta Esports will likely finish at the end of the group. The Italian representative also has had serious coaching issues, which saw them make a last-minute change with their Head Coach.

With that being said, the second slot will likely be UOL Sexy Edition. Both have shown great stuff, with the German representative at a slight advantage, especially considering how they played in the play-in stage.

Come Week 2 expect LDLC to go 6-0 followed by an UOL 5-2.

Round 2 of Group Stage continues this Thursday, April 24th. You can see the entire schedule below:

EU Masters Schedule