Eusouolucas & Ging edge out last TFT World Championships LCQ spots

Over the weekend, the TFT World Championships Last Chance Qualifier rounded out the final two participants for the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship, the biggest TFT event to date. The short one day event took place on April 16th, and it was the Brazilian and Turkish representatives that took home the cake.

Let’s go through the entire event and check how things stand moving into the main event.

TFT LCQ Standings FInal

TFT Western Last Chance QualifierStandings

Lucas edges 1st, Ging and Ramblinnn tie for 2nd

We saw some interesting matches over six rounds of play. Out of the lot, Lucas Amaral Damaso, the #1 ranked Brazilian player netted the highest score and secured 1st seed. It was a tight race coming into the the final three rounds. We had a three way tie and each of the top three won a Round, while utterly flopping another, making the final tally extremely complicated.

Iniko and Ramblinnn were the player to mess up the standings near the end, but simply didn’t have enough points total to enter the top 2.


Malzahar and Kaisa were the noteworthy performer picks throughout the event even after all the nerfs. We saw some interesting comps being selected and even more exciting “rng” plays coming out of them. Honestly, everyone in the Top 5 could have qualified, and it was only “luck” that determined the second seed at the event.

Overall, It was an extremely close qualifier hinting an even closer main event coming in only 10 days. You can re-watch the entire broadcast on the following Twitch link.

The TFT G&G Main event is coming in a little over a week. Stay tuned with our Esports News section for more updates in the following days.