Extremely lucrative ESL Challenger League weekend ahead of us

The ESL Challenger League (Season 40) has been moving at a steady pace across all regions. The slot-in at the next ESL Pro League is looking lucrative as teams across the board bring their A game to each match.

Coming into this weekend, we have a four way selection of matches that will net you thirteen-fold return on a esports betting accumulator.

mibr 2022

paiN vs MIBR

At the time of writing, MIBR is in the shape of their life. Brazilian CSGO roster won six straight games and their strategy and individual skill are on a very high level right now. Their opponents, paiN are also looking good with four victories in the last five matches they played. It is also important to mention that their only defeat in recent matches came against MIBR.

Map veto should be straightforward for this one. MIBR will likely ban Mirage while Inferno is a no-go for paiN. MIBR can choose from both Nuke and Overpass as these two are very good maps for them. PaiN, however, should give themselves a chance by playing Dust 2 as they found a lot of success on this map lately. All in all, we favor MIBR on Vertigo, Nuke, Overpass, and Inferno.

With all of that being said, we firmly believe that MIBR will win this match. This time around, paiN could play it a bit smarter and go for that Dust 2 or Ancient pick to increase their chances of winning a map. However, this is all that they will be able to do, and picking MIBR to win is definitely the best bet.

Strife vs Gaimin Gladiators

On paper, this match is a coin flip. However, after doing our due diligence, we are heavily leaning towards one team in this match. Gaimin Gladiators won three out of the last five played while Strife only has two victories to their name in the last five bouts.

Head to head is looking worrisome for Strife. Out of the eight maps these two played against each other, Strife was only able to win one map. After banning Vertigo and Ancient, Gaimin Gladiators will look to get either Dust 2, Mirage, or Nuke as these are all solid maps for them. Strife, however, will make things competitive on Inferno and they are likely to win it.

All in all, previous matches say a lot about this upcoming bout. Seven map victories out of the eight maps they played in total went in Gaimin Gladiators’ favor and at even odds, this is a must bet for us.

Carpe Diem vs ATK

There is no need to talk much about this prediction and the way these two teams play. Map veto is quite similar and there will not be any surprises in this department. Inferno, Mirage, or Dust 2 are likely to be played and both teams are evenly matched across these maps.

All of this leads to a simple conclusion. This is going to be a tense match where both teams will have their chances to come out on top. This is why betting that we will see a decider played in this one is the way to go.

TheMongolz vs IHC

By no means are TheMongolz such big outsiders in this match and the odds are way off for this match. IHC does not have players that competed against the best teams in the world, while TheMongolz does.

Both teams are in solid form right now and at such high odds, we would be crazy not to take a chance on TheMongolz as they are more than capable of winning this bout.

Your potential accumulator would look like this: (go to GG.BET to make it real)

  • paiN vs MIBR – MIBR to win @ 1.35
  • Strife vs Gaimin Gladiators – Gaimin Gladiators to win @ 1.83
  • Carpe Diem vs ATK – Total Maps Played – Over 2.5 @ 1.90
  • TheMongolz vs IHC – TheMongloz to win @ 2.66

 TOTAL ODDS – 12.49