Fallout 76 2022 Roadmap Revealed in Full

In an effort to establish some semblance of upcoming content, Bethesda Game Studios has officially released the Fallout 76 2022 roadmap. For months, fans have been in a state of dismay, wondering when new content might drop on the somewhat dwindling post-apocalyptic, MMORPG platform. On the 21st of February, Bethesda pushed out what was admittedly a very exciting roadmap for 2022, highlighting four seasons’ worth of content.

For fans of the franchise, such as myself, this is an exciting time. There’s no big secret surrounding the fact that Fallout 76 has had issues retaining players, particularly in recent months. With previous updates and expansions being delayed constantly, it seemed that nothing would ever truly materialise. That, combined with the reports that the Fallout 76 team at Bethesda was downsized immeasurably led to bad blood among players.

So, what does the Fallout 76 2022 roadmap look like?

Aliens, Arenas, Expeditions, and Nuka-World


Image Credit: BGS

While it wasn’t an all-singing, all-dancing announcement, the mere presence of a roadmap is exciting in itself. In 2022, Fallout 76 promises to be better than ever, with more content being delivered than during any other window in the game’s four-year history.

It all kicks off in a matter of weeks, with the arrival of Invaders from the Beyond, a long-awaited alien-based expansion. It’s not an overstatement to say that fans have been waiting for this content forever – there were references to alien content arriving since day one, back in 2018. Following that update, which includes a Vault-Tec themed season, players will enter the Test Your Metal update. This will introduce an intense arena mode to Fallout 76, as well as upgrades to the scoreboard and a whole new season.

And then, we’re introduced to the most highly anticipated content drop in the history of the game – The Pitt. It has been over a year since this expansion – or ‘Expedition’ – was announced, and it’ll be the first out-of-map experience for Fallout 76 fans to enjoy. This will be a game-changer, introducing an entirely new storyline, environment, and a whole host of extra content.

Finally, the year will close out with Nuka-World on Tour. This is an expansion featuring the theme from Fallout 4’s most popular and most expansive (and final) expansion. There’s plenty coming this year, including a new region boss, events, legendary aspects, C.A.M.P. components, and much more – but will Bethesda actually deliver on this content?

Apocalyptic Expectations

The Fallout 76 2022 roadmap looks good on the surface, but Bethesda has had issues in the past with delivering on promises. Although, with that being said, it does seem like Bethesda is now being a lot more transparent and genuine – and changes are certainly taking place.

Recently, Bethesda announced the retirement of the PC-based Bethesda Desktop Launcher, among other platform-centric changes. There’s a huge push for content across Bethesda’s full range in 2022, with the introduction of Starfield taking centre stage in November.

Let’s just hope the Fallout 76 2022 roadmap materialises as expected and Bethesda doesn’t have its hands full with the busy year ahead.