Dead or Alive 6 – ‘Greatest’ World Championship coming soon

Not long after the release of the newest entry in the popular fighting-game series, a World Championship for it has been revealed by Team Ninja. Game publisher Team Ninja didn’t wait long to drop the bomb on the new tournament series. Specifically, it will include a qualification process across Asia, Europe and United States.



This new story was slightly surprising after the Dead or Alive franchise was excluded from EVO – in other words, from the biggest tournament series for fighting games in the world. The finals event for the World Championship series, tellingly enough, is going to take place in Japan. After games were excluded from EVO Japan, this should hopefully please Japanese fans – in Japan, fighting games are a loot more popular than they are in other countries, making this news an even bigger issue!

As for incentives – the tournament will have a $90k USD prize money pool. Though lower than games from other genres, this prize pool is nothing to scoff at. If you are interested in participating, the official qualification process for the 16 player grand finale event starts quite early this year – on April 20th to be precise.

In Lyon, France, at THE MIXUP, the event will be kicked off, after which follows a series of tournaments throughout the year before the big finale. The finale of just the qualifiers themselves will be in the US – in Florida, Philadelphia, Texas and New Jersey, players will see the chance to qualify and sign up for their favourite fighting game.

As for the actual finale in Japan – no further details have been revealed beyond informing fans that the way to get there will be qualification points – players will earn points towards an overall leader board at the different events on their schedule.


© Team Ninja

The zones will be as follows: Europe, Asia and the US will each have their own leader board and the best of the best (aka the leaders of the board) will be invited to the final event. As mentioned, there will be 16 players in total – five from the US and 3 each from Europe and Asia are going to make it into the grand finale. Now, if you kept count, you know that only 11 places have been assigned this way – the last 5 will be awarded to winners of the online Fatal Match events and DOA6WX Last Chance Qualifier event.

As the name dictates, it will be a last chance to qualify for the event. As for interested players – if you want to join in on the fun, you can register on the Team Ninja studio website, where you can see the exact dates and locations (as well as prize money where applicable). You can also register for other events here – drop by for more news and updates on the DOA6 WC Finals too – eventually, as we near the final match, Team Ninja will no doubt reveal the details!