Full details of the TEKKEN World Tour by Bandai Namco now revealed!

The third tournament season of the Tekken World Tour is about to start, and details for it were just revealed by publisher Bandai Namco! This time around, the fighting game’s tournament features a $185.000 prize pool. For what it’s worth, that’s a lot less than some of the other big name esports feature, but it’s still a huge amount of money to be won in one tournament!

With the event kicking off on April 20th, 2019 in Lyon, France, the tour is then going to move on through the UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Australia, among others. It’s a pretty big-name location list, and a few of the locations on the tour plan are going to be premiers for official tournaments!

Dubai, Greece and South Africa are each going to be seeing their very first Tekken 7 event! As for the last event of the series – those are the finals, of course – they will take place in Thailand this year, more specifically, in Bangkok.

Bandai Namco Execs are pretty excited for this competitive tour – Herve Hoerdt, the Marketing and Digital SVP from Bandai Namco said: “At BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, we’re committed to investing in, and creating, exciting esports experiences across the world for our wide range of games. As part of this, we’re especially pleased to be able to bring the TEKKEN World Tour to new locations across Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, including Dubai, Greece and South Africa, ensuring as many new players as possible can experience the excitement of a live-event!

Twitch Product Manager Richard Thiher also had something to say on the matter: “Fighting games represent the roots of esports, the early days of fans gathering in arcades and living rooms and making competitive gaming a shared community viewing experience. As the premier destination for esports, we are proud to carry on that tradition by bringing fans together from all around the world to watch, chat, and experience the best plays TEKKEN 7 has to offer.


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That’s some pretty big expectations for the whole event series, right down to the 20-player finals. Players will be able to earn the TWT ranking points they need in order to qualify via exclusive offline tournaments during the 8-month season.

Said season will feature different types of tournaments – Master, Master+, Challenger and Dojo. The first two offer ranking points to the highest 25 or 49 players, offering high-tier and high-skill challenges to players. Challenger tournaments focus on providing ranking opportunities but only give points to the first 13 places. Dojo is a new kind of tournament that offers opt-in participation for players ineligible regions around the world. 1st to 9th place receives ranking points, and since the idea is to make the tournaments more accessible to players around the globe, this is the easiest way to get into the tournament circuit.

Each tournament organiser (not player!) can only apply for Dojo recognition once per month during the season, so keep an eye out for tournaments near you if you want to participate in the overall Tekken tour!

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