Flashpoint 2 Playoffs matchup analysis and predictions

Now that Flashpoint 2 is reaching the later stages, it is time to provide you with safe and reliable picks to close out the event. We believe that there is decent money to be made in this week’s matches.

Below, is our breakdown and analysis paired with an entire betting slip that will put you in profit.

Flashpoint 2 Playoffs Bracket

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Flashpoint 2 Playoffs Bracket Predictions

We are only a few matches away from the Playoffs conclusion down at Flashpoint Season 2. Our four-set of predictions is aimed at the weekly match-ups on Wednesday and Thursday. The bracket so far looks as follows:

MAD Lions vs Envy

Is there much to say about MAD Lions right now? A couple of months ago they were the hottest CS:GO roster on the market and right now, they are just mediocre. Luckily for them, they will face off against another mediocre team which can only mean one thing.

As of now, MAD Lions are riding a losing streak of 3 matches. They will likely try to get Overpass as their pick. On the other hand, Envy will look for that Nuke pick as they looked solid on this map. This leads to a simple conclusion. Both teams are getting comfortable picks for themselves and they are very similar skill-wise. We are watching a decider in this one.

OG vs Dignitas

OG has been stable for a while now and we believe that they have found their footing by winning three straight. They did have a very poor performance versus mibr on Dust2 in the opener, meaning Dignitas can potentially look forward to either Inferno or Dust2 for a potential map win.

Every single map that remains in the map pool is favoring OG and this is why OG will have it easy against the pensioners. Overall, this should be a relatively victory for OG.

Virtus.Pro vs BIG

In their last bout against Envy, BIG did not look that bad but they were not convincing either. Virtus.pro are also acquiring mixed results so far. All 5 of their matches saw all three maps played and that says a lot. It is also important to mention that BIG is riding a 4 match winning streak.

It is pointless to go over the map pool in this one as these two teams share very similar map pools and map veto will not play a big factor in this one. Both BIG and Virtus.pro have excellent individuals but we believe that BIG has what it takes to dispatch of Virtus.pro.

Fnatic vs mibr

Let’s start things with the easiest prediction. In this derby, fnatic must be considered as a big favorite. Despite being average at best lately, we believe that fnatic is miles in front of mibr. Both teams went through their bracket openers with a 2:1 scoreline.

When it comes to map pool, fnatic once again has the lead. Both Inferno and Nuke will likely be the decider maps in this matchup. We simply do not see single map except Nuke that favors mibr in this one.

To summarize, this will be an easy match for Brollan and co. and odds on them edging ahead  a map to mibr are way too good to pass on.

In the end, our bet slip should look as follows:

  • Fnatic vs mibr – Correct Score, fnatic 2:1 @ 3.64
  • OG vs Dignitas – OG to win @ 1.2
  • MAD Lions vs Envy – Total Maps Played – Over 2.5 @ 2.09
  • Virtus.pro vs BIG – BIG to win @ 1.80

Odds: 16.43
Bet amount: 10$
Potential Winnings: 164.3$
Provider: GG.BET

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