Flashpoint Breaks New Ground with CSGO NFT cards

Flashpoint showcased their own flagship CSGO NFT, bringing a little bit of excitement to the community. The announcement itself is not the most interesting thing on its own though. The exciting parts are the potential implications for CSGO NFT’s in general.

If you are not sure exactly what an NFT is, check out our simple guide to understand esports NFTs.

With the recent announcement that Flashpoint will be releasing their own CSGO NFT. It brings with it some good for the players as all proceeds go towards either the partner teams or the tournament. The NFT itself will be a set of virtual trading cards featuring artwork of individual players such as Snax and Aizy. Since the players will be featured on the cards, they will receive a portion of the cryptocurrency $FLASH coin earned on them as well.

Significance for CSGO NFT development

Image rights being signed away as frequently as they are by CSGO players is what makes this announcement more impactful. Certain team organizations in the past and present have made players sign away their image rights. For example, certain players who appear on peripheral boxes. Those players have no say in how their image is used and do not have to be appropriately compensated.

This announcement should better the integrity of the league as the players ought to feel they have more stake. Flashpoint making sure the players receive compensation is a big step forward for CSGO player rights. Furthermore, teams like Natus Vincere, Alliance and OG have fan engagement tokens which could be used for procuring unique NFTs to directly support the organizations and players. This of course relies on this push towards collectable cards actually sparks interest.

Opening Doors for Future CSGO NFT’s

CSGO NFT’s can very in shape and form. They could be in the form of weapon skins, stickers and music kits for example. Imagine unique one-off content that can make you unique inside and outside the game. It has the potential to put the skins market to shame.

For example, if a skin only had a finite amount available, the value would increase and maintain as long as there was a player base.  That is what an NFT would be. An item with finite availability, proof of ownership and real-world value. There would be potential for exclusive content to be bought and sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

This in itself would be a groundbreaking moment. If Valve were to come out with their own NFTs for CSGO, they could make millions of dollars taking a percentage of the cut. These factors could draw more players to the game. Having seen how Counter Strike blew up when skins were introduced, it would almost certainly spark new life. The more monetary interest there is surrounding the game, the more popular it will become.

With a larger player base and more money coming in, perhaps Valve would put more resources back into the game. With more frequent updates and operations, it would breathe even more life into the game. CSGO NFT’s have the potential to increase the longevity of the greatest esport to ever exist.