Fluxo and Rensga reach CBLOL slot acquisition deal

Rensga Esports took the last and final spot among all league participants in the CBLOL in 2021. During the Summer Split (2021) a few months down the line, they surprised the world, and exceeded their own expectation, by reaching the final where they lost heartbreakingly to RED Canids Kalunga.

In 2022, they were eighth in Split 1 after making several roster changes mid-split and finished the Split 2 in last place, once again controversially unable to draw a balance between roster changes and continuity that players yearn for. Yet despite being ‘consistently inconsistent’, a tag that they had become synonymous with, they were always on the up and up.

A year down the line, money power has trumped passion. Rensga has been sold to a new group. A team that they franchised from Riot Games for USD 760,000 has now changed hands, with Fluxo stepping in to take ownership at a significantly higher cost.


Fluxo to acquire Rensga spot for undisclosed amount

Fluxo only came into existence in January 2021, when esports superstars Bruno Nobru Goes and Lucio Cerol Lima acquired the team. They first gained unprecedented popularity with the mobile title Free Fire, where the pair rose to fame as streamers and players.

Nobru became a world champion of the modality by Corinthians, in 2019, and Cerol is among the top influencers in the esports world in Brazil. Their acquisition of a spot in the CBLoL is another step towards expansion, which also includes a CS:GO franchise they acquired only this month. Also in the works is a franchise slot in Valorant.

In many ways, Fluxo have gotten third time lucky, after their negotiations with Simplicity Esports, for Flamengo’s vacancy, and with Miners fell through. It worked out well that Rensga were looking at a sale because they were keen on re-profiling the club and foray into content creation at large, and not just esports. Fluxo even negotiated with Simplicity Esports, for Flamengo’s vacancy, and with Miners, but the conversations did not progress. With Rengsa, the agreement came to fruition, and Fluxo will take over the vacancy from the 2023 season.

With the second split of CBLOL 2022 slated to end only in September, the final modalities of the transaction between Fluxo and Rensga could take time. Riot has refrained from issuing a statement on the transaction so far.

The acquisition at this stage can be termed a massive coup by Fluxo, given CBLOL is fast climbing the popularity charts for League of Legends. The numbers for the summer season this year are massively encouraging and ahead of the LCS, LFL and LVP Super Liga. Only the LCK and LEC have been ahead of them in terms of concurrent viewership. CBLOL had an average concurrent viewership of 85,676 on an average for the summer of 2022.

That LFL’s numbers stand at 46, 273 tell you how the Brazilian esports scene has surged CBLOL will now target the LEC, who are light years ahead with an average concurrent viewership of 172,176, but there’s little doubt that the quality of the league and the talent on display has been a cut above any of the previous years in CBLOL’s 10-year history.

Brazilian fans are known to be some of the most passionate fans in the world. Both for traditional sports and esports. There’s little doubt that the rise of CBLOL is no coincidence. It’s been organic and methodical, more than meteoric, and the results are for everyone to see. Fluxo’s takeover of Rensga could yet prove to be a decisive acquisition. Time will tell if it will prove to be a game changer.