FNC vs G2 – LEC Spring Playoffs Preview & Predictions

LEC Spring Playoffs are around the cotner and it’s time to check out the first round of Winners’ Bracket between Fnatic and G2 Esports!

Who will advance and who will go to the Losers’ Bracket after the series? Let’s dive into it.

FNC LEC Playoffs

FNC vs G2 Esports Matchup Breakdown

The rivalry among the two most influential teams in the LEC will be re-ignited in this LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs. Both G2 and Fnatic have performed according to expectations, with Fnatic fighting for the top of the standings and G2 trying to make the best out of their new roster.

In one way or the other, we can also say that G2 behaved slightly above expectations, as both rookies Flakked and Targamas have performed egregiously in their first LEC split. G2’s advantage consists in their trio of carries, as Brokenblade, Caps and Flakked have an even gold share and damage output. This puts G2 at a great advantage in terms of drafts, which will surely be an important element in a Bo5.

For me, however, there will be a lot of attention to the jungle. Jankos must execute his early game will and be the bridge for the team, while Razork has the flexibility of also being a more carry-oriented player. Out of the two, Razork has the edge, as he stepped up his consistency in the last few games. Expect Lee Sin, Viego and Xin Zhao very high up in priority, as both players are comfortable on these champions.

Contrary to G2, Fnatic relies more on their mid-laner Humanoid and the always consistent Upset. With an insane 16.5 KDA throughout the regular split, Upset will be the player to win you late-game team fights. If G2 cannot take advantage of their mid-game, Fnatic will outmuscle G2 easily.

In order for G2 to win, they need Caps playing one of the best series of his life and completely dominate mid-lane to a point where the cross map strenghts of both teams are nullified and mid is the differentiating factor.

Fnatic vs G2 Esports Predictions

Having said that, I truly think that this will be an explosive series. I can’t see a world where either team demolishes 3-0 the enemy and the regular split results have shown that as well, so expecting a 3-1 or 3-2 is definitely a much more reasonable result. G2 Esports has the advantage on the top part of the map, while Fnatic does in the bot lane. It will essentially come down to who can create a larger advantage in the first stages of the game to essentially push their lead in the mid-game. Teams might play more conservatively in the first game due to the momentum in a Bo5, but I’m expecting a lot of action around objectives.

To round off, my prediction will be on Fnatic. Their bot lane will make the difference and I don’t think BrokenBlade can close the gap against a player like Wunder. When it comes to consistency, essential for long series, Fnatic should come out ahead most of the time. Below you can find the best odds for the series:

  • Winner: Fnatic (1.42x)
  • Total Maps: over 4.5 (2.85x)
  • Match total kills: over 106.5 (1.92x)
  • First Dragon: Fnatic (1.85x)
  • Map 1 Duration: over 34.5 (2.34x)
  • First Blood: Fnatic (1.67x)
  • First Herald: G2 Esports (2.01x)
  • Race to 5 kills: G2 Esports (2.04x)