FPX vs EDG – LPL Finals Preview – Who’s winning it all?

Just like all the other major regions, the LPL is reaching its end with the Summer Playoffs Finals. After five rounds of Best-of-5s, only two teams are left: FunPlusPhoenix and Edward Gaming. Who will become the Summer Champions? Let’s find out in our preview!

As always, we will have some tips on how to maximize your bets’ earnings, courtesy of GG.BET!



LPL Finals – FPX vs EDG Preview

The LPL Finals is a rematch between EDG and FPX from spring, when FPX prevailed 3-2 in the Spring Semi-finals. Back then, FPX fought their way to the Finals, after a very disappointing regular season. This split, however, things have changed: FPX has always been a top 2 team and many considered them the outright best team in the LPL.

What are the strengths of this team? Well, almost everything… From jungler Tian finding his groove following the injury to Nuguri learning how to play weakside, to Doinb’s carry performances: FPX excels at so many things. Not to mention, their bot lane has been extremely consistent.

Age is just a number…

Many fans and casters think that this year’s FPX is the favorite to win Worlds 2021. The team has been at its peak for quite a while and if they keep it up, winning the tournament is not a bold statement. Doinb is teaching everyone that age is just a number and that you can improve even more despite your age: Faker vs Doinb, that would be one of the most exciting matchups for Worlds 2021.

On the other hand, we have EDG, which has always been top of the pack but never had the impression of dominating its competition. The shining point of EDG is without a doubt their ADC, Viper: 30.9% of damage output during Summer Playoffs is an outstanding stat. This is even more impressive when you consider that Viper doesn’t get all the team’s resources.

The mid-jungle duo helps the side lanes to push the leads, with both top and ADC as the primary damage sources. Flandre is doing a great job on carries top laners: we’ll have to see how will fare off against a player like Nuguri. The impression, though, is that he will struggle.

LPL Finals Prediction

To conclude our preview, we still think that the odds for the Finals are in FPX’s favor. They have shown too many strong points and too few weaknesses during summer, making it hard for EDG to find any openings. Hopefully, the series won’t be too one-sided, we predict a 3-1 for FPX as a reasonable result: If you go to GG.BET, you will earn you a 3.41x return.

Just like we always mention, make sure to check out the drafts before making bets on any particular match in the series: in most cases, betting for FPX is a good idea. Markets like First Blood, will likely resolve around round mid or top, and will net you a 1.64x.

If drafts are not based on split pushing champions or 1-3-1 comps, going for an under 10.5 towers is also a viable bet: you will be able to triple your investment (3.14x). Avoid these if teams draft strong side lane champions like Camille, Fiora, or Ryze. Most esports bookmakers hard favor FPX in this series, so try to diversify your bets and cover multiple possibilities.

With Worlds teams slowly locking their seedings, we’ll soon publish a full tier list of these best teams in this Worlds 2021! Make sure to check out our website for new updates!