FPX and EDG in direct battle for first in LPL Week 9

We are entering the final week of the LPL 2021 Summer season group stage. Several teams who have clearly improved and fallen from grace over the past few weeks, making for a interesting ending to the split.

Most of the Playoffs participants are already set, with seeding taking precedent in Week 9, and a battle for the final spot in the Play-In. Here’s the breakdown and our select match for your LPL LoL bet.


LPL Match of the Week – FunPlus Phoenix vs EDward Gaming

Edward Gaming bounced back in the 2021 Spring Season and have only continued to get stronger. EDG are currently in the top spot with an impressive 11-3 standing. The team was on a decisive 2-0 victory spree for much of the split, but have struggled to close out the past two weeks with defeats 0-2 to both RNG and Team WE. While Edward Gaming are the current favourites to earn the direct qualification to Worlds 2021, things might change with a single game at the end of the week.

Fun Plus Phoenix is tied with EDG in the leaderboards, and only a single win behind in game totals. There is more then a solid chance their head-2-head decides who ends up being first seed at the end of the split. If both teams have clean 2-0 matches in their first encounters, their match at the end of the week will directly decide which team is top dog at the end of the split. There is also almost a guaranteed qualifying chance to Worlds 2021 as the Championship Points leader.

Given how poorly EDG has played over the past three weeks, we might be in for a real banger. The odds are quite tied between both teams with FPX sitting at x1.8x to the 1.96x of EDG. The correct score odds are where things get interesting. For a 2:0 or 2:1 win in favor of either team you can expect x3.3 or greater returns no matter the outcome. My personal prediction would be a 2:0 for FPX at x3.3 returns.

The race for LPL Playoffs

OMG a team long forgotten by the younger crowd, qualified for LPL Playoffs once more after 8 splits of missing out. They achieved the feat at the cost of LDG missing out Playoffs. Earlier today, BiliBili Gaming secured their Playoffs spot with a 2:1 win over ⁠Ultra Prime.

At this moment, nine out of the ten playoffs teams are set, with only seeding uncertain. Apart from OMG, BiliBili, FPX and EDG, the rest of the lineup consists of: Suning, RNG, Rare Atom, Team WE and LNG Esports.

The final spot is a tossup between TOP Esports and JD Gaming both fell off heavily in this split. It’s truly surprising that two teams that were 3-4th in Spring, and the highest seeds at Worlds 2020 managed to both face elimination from Playoffs in Summer. While both teams have some Championship points, missing out on Playoffs almost certainly eliminates one of the two from the Regional Finals and a shot at Worlds 2021. TES has two tough matches against Team WE and OMG this week. If they fail to win at least one match, they leave the door wide open for JDG to beat heavily under-performing Rogue Warriors and clutch a Playoffs spot.