FPX vs RNG – LPL Spring Playoffs 2021 Predictions and Betting Odds

After defeating JDG in Round 3, FPX will face RNG in the next round of the LPL Spring Playoffs. It will be one of the most-awaited series of the whole season. Let’s see what we expect going into this series and we’ll also make a prediction to help you understand which team you should bet on.

FPX – Aggression at its Peak

FunPlus Phoenix was on a rollercoaster this spring split. With the whole match-fixing scandal revolving around jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo , the team had to swap to a total of 3 junglers. The recent return of Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang, however, elevated the team’s overall level once again, taking down JDG in playoffs.

FPX relies a lot on the individual players to win the lane with the help from the jungler. Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon is very aggressive and likes dueling with his opponent thanks to his insane mechanics. His goal is to dominate the lane and become an unstoppable 1v9 machine.

On one side, he’s similar to Kang “TheShy” Seung-lo, his fellow Korean top laner. They have common strengths, but also common weaknesses: their aggression can bite them back if it’s too much over the limit. FPX’s goal in this series will be to make sure Nuguri doesn’t get punished too hard…


FPX Roster

Another interesting battle, instead, will be around the bot lane. Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiangshowed up big time this split, carrying the team on his back when needed. While the team doesn’t usually put all the resources into him, he’s still able to dish out damage in team fights. It will be crucial to see how they will fare against Chen “GALA” Wei, one of the very best in the ADC role.

Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song , on the other hand, will be key for the early-mid game. His roams and setups are fundamental for the team since it enables the jungler to impact more easily the whole map.

Last but not the least, the mid-lane matchup will probably be the most exciting one. Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang & Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei are top-notch players that will be the core of their own team. Even if they might not be the primary carry, their utility will be essential to the team’s success. The meta doesn’t favor mages, but we will most likely see them on champions with strong ultimates like Sylas, Orianna & Viktor.

To conclude, FPX has definitely the tools & players to have a chance of beating RNG. Having said that, RNG’s also have individual strong players and they will surely punish the slightest of mistakes…

RNG – The All-round Team

Royal Never Give Up was one of the big surprises of the Split: 1st with a 14-2 record and a 78% win rate. Only the runner-up EDG was close to these numbers.

One of the big game changers was in the top lane. In order to accommodate Crying, who became the starting mid laner, XiaoHu decided to role swap in order to keep playing for the team. Role swapping has always been regarded as risky and, most of the time, unsuccessful.

This, however, wasn’t the case for Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao. Not only he managed to role swap, but he also transitioned his champion pools & skills to the top lane. This creates an advantage both individually but also in the draft. He can better exploit the weaknesses in certain matchups, thanks to the experience he got by playing mid.


RNG Roster

The things going for RNG, however, aren’t only about him. In every single role, there’s a top-tier player. From Crying to GALA, who we mentioned earlier, to Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming & Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei: this is a fully stacked roster.

They are fully taking advantage of the meta, playing very standard picks. RNG, though, has insane consistency. GALA & Crying are top-3 in almost every metric. The other players are also around the top 5, meaning that RNG is one of the most all-rounded teams in the LPL… and a strong enemy at the International Stages.

With that being said, my prediction for this series is 3-1 for RNG. As previously mentioned, RNG’s players are technically slightly more skilled. The bigger difference, however, is between the team’s consistency. While FPX can surely bring it to a game 5 if they’re on their A-game, but RNG, as of right now, is undoubtedly the better team.

If you are looking into LPL Betting, this match is perfect for you to start. Placing a wager on RNG will net you a 1.45x return on your investment over at GG.BET. For a correct score prediction you can look at a potential x3.62 (+262), while every bet on Map duration under 29.5 minutes will net you x2.35 (+135).

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