Gambit vs Entropiq – FunSpark ULTI 2021 Final Preview & Predictions

The finals at FunSpark ULTI 2021 are just about to kick off. We have prepared something else for you this time around. For the  finals, we are only going to break down one match with multiple betting options that will for sure help you make up your mind when choosing a correct bet so do not miss out on this one.

Gambit vs Entropiq

So far, both teams played exceptionally at this event. Entropiq started things off by beating ECSTATIC, but were sent to the loser bracket in a fairly dominant fashion by Gambit. Their previous bout was fought on Dust2, Mirage and Overpass. Gambit dominated on both DD2 and Overpass, but failed on Mirage which is Entropiq’s strongest map overall.

I expect the final to go the same way, with Entropiq choosing Mirage if they are given the chance. They would also love if Nuke was left over in the end for them to have a fairly even final. However, we will probably see Gambit remove Nuke and Ancient and rather play things out on Vertigo.

In terms of maps to be played, we expect Gambit to chose Dust2 since they absolutely dominated Entropiq there the last time. To summaize, expect Mirage and Dust2 to be chosen by both teams and either Vertigo or Nuke to be left over in a potential tiebreaker.

Best Picks For Gambit vs Entropiq Match

Now that we have gone through both teams’ map pool and current form, it is time to move on to the more interesting part of this article, best picks for this match.

Let’s start with the match-winner. We believe that Gambit is better everywhere. They have a much deeper map pool that includes both Dust2 and Vertigo and these are the maps Entropiq avoids. We also think that individually, Gambit is at least two tiers above Entropiq. Regarding our match-winner prediction, Gambit to win odds are x1.22 and this is one of the safest bets for us.

If you are fishing for higher odds and with a simple match-winner bet you are not happy with the potential return, we also want to state that Gambit to win 2-0 is set at x1.67 if you go to GG.BET and this bet also holds a lot of value, especially because Gambit will have a free map in this one (either DD2 or Vertigo).

For our last pick, we will play the odds. Right now, Gambit wins 80%+ of their pistol rounds. This means that the odds should be swayed heavily in their favor, but they are not. Right now, you can find the CSGO odds of 2.10 @ for Gambit to win the pistol round in maps 1 and 2.

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