GameStop Look to Make Blockchain Games Mainstream

GameStop is a company known far and wide across North America and in more recent months, across the world!

Many will be unaware of the fact Gamestop gained mainstream news coverage thanks to a subreddit, called r/WallStreetBets. Hundreds of thousands of users were able to inflate the price against hedge funds “shorting” the stock.

Off of the back of the shift in spotlight, GameStop have jumped into the world of blockchain creating their own NFT marketplace for gamers to indulge more into the world of decentralised assets and gaming.


Image Credits | Crypto News

The official GameStop wallet is linked to the marketplace offering easy integration and clear ownership of digital assets.

Whilst being able to buy and sell NFTs with low gas fees, you are also able to create your own collections.

Since its inception the GameStop marketplace has seen HUGE success, with the first 48 hours of trading volumes exceeding that of Coinbase. Considering how popular an exchange Coinbase is, this is a great accomplishment.

What’s been happening with the GME Marketplace?

The beta edition of Gamestop Marketplace has been live since July of 11th with many successful collections being exchanged on the marketplace.

Immutable X, the Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, have been in partnership with Gamestop from the start of this project. The Gamestop wallet became available on the 5th of August on the Immutable X marketplace.

Whilst general NFT collections have been made available, Immutable X related ones have not yet been made available via the GME marketplace.

The site is currently showcasing the upcoming new feature. Immutable’s titles such as Illuvium and Gods Unchained are listed on the site, all of these titles having highly aspirational collections, enjoyed by millions of gamers.


One other thing that must be noted is the eco-friendly approach that these companies are taking when providing these services on the blockchain.

Each Immutable X related transaction is said to be 100% gas free and each mint and trade is carbon neutral.

Many reports have come back in the past showcasing the issues the world of cryptocurrencies are having on our environment.

Bitcoin mining whilst lucrative has been at the forefront of the questionable environmental impacts. An Investopedia article quotes 38 kilotons of electrical waste is produced from Bitcoin mining, crazy right?


Image Credits | Shacknews

Whilst seeming harmless and innovative the world of decentralised finance will need to become regulated in relations to its environmental impact.

Ethereum has become the next best thing below Bitcoin, offering more in technology and also is way more accessible for those looking to take part. As ETH prices have remained a fraction of the price compared to Bitcoin.

Hosting the Immutable X Gamestop project on the Ethereum blockchain is a great way for the waste amounts to be lessened and the Earth’s lifespan not being affected.

Gamers and investors alike can still enjoy their favourite NFTs and games all whilst doing their part for the environment.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates from these gaming heavyweights. Immutable X have new titles and updates out in the future which will also be interesting to see as the world of crypto gaming is expanded over the coming months and years.