Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Looking for some easy Minecraft house ideas? Making a house in this game is not always easy, especially with some chosen designs. Others are a little easier to make, which is good. A house/base is arguably the most important part of the game. While it doesn’t progress you towards defeating the Ender Dragon in any way, it’s where you will spend the vast majority of your time. It’s also where you’ll store your items.

Easy Minecraft House Ideas

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Easy Minecraft House Ideas

One easy Minecraft house idea is a Hobbit hole, one of many different house types that keep players coming back. This doesn’t require a lot of building savvy, but it can be one of the best-looking houses. It’s also extremely functional. To build this, you need to hollow out a hole in the side of a hill or mountain. The face of the mountain should be open so that you can build straight up to replace the dirt with wood blocks. Leave some space for windows, too. Inside, you can do whatever you want. The beauty of this house is that you can hollow out as much space as you need and place everything inside.

Minecraft House

Image Credit: Typface on YouTube

Another simple house idea is the villager home model. Villager houses are very small, but you can expand them. Just multiply the dimensions and use the same blocks. They mostly consist of a specific type of wood, sometimes oak or spruce, and cobblestone. These two items make for a classic house design, and they can be your best friend. Simply stretch the villager home out to fit a normal floor plan and build it the exact same way. If you’d like, you could just model one of the larger villager houses and use an underground room for storage.

Minecraft house

Image Credit: Game Rant

Another easy Minecraft house idea is the underground base. One of the most challenging aspects of building a base is the frame and the outside. The inside is never an issue, so you can just remove the first step. There are two ways to do this. First, you have the option to dig down and create a ladder down to a larger hole. Second, you can hollow out a huge hole underground and use wood and glass blocks to close it in and allow light to filter in. Either way, this is a very easy house to make even after the 1.21 update.

Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Image Credit: Marloe10 on Reddit

Finally, the last easy Minecraft house idea is a sky base. To do this, you need only create a path upward (usually a tower with a ladder inside) and a large platform. From there, you can build a dirt house if you want. Just make sure to have space for a garden or anything else you’ll need. The beauty of a sky base is that no one will really see it, so it’s not that important what blocks you use or how aesthetically pleasing it is. Just be sure to enclose it so you don’t fall off and die.

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