Gen.G will be hosting two mobile gaming tournaments

This summer, Gen.G will be playing host to not one but two mobile esports competitions for Minecraft and PUBG respectively.

The tournaments will be hosted in Texas, USA. It won’t just be any old competition either – partnered with Samsung, the events will even feature some celebrity judges, including Booker-T, Ryguyricky and Shubble.

Gen.G will be hosting two mobile gaming tournaments

© GenG / BuildingConnections

Building Connections

Under the name of building connections, players will be encouraged in the Minecraft tournament to build and create things that keep them connected. Suggested examples include their homes, a restaurant, even a favourite TV show or family member.

Needless to say, this is a rather unique opportunity – and it will be live-streamed on Samsung’s Twitch channel on July 16th. Instead of a money prize, the rewards for the winners will include some pretty cool Samsung gear – for example, a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, AKG N60 Noise Cancelling Headphones, a Galaxy Watch Active2, or even Galaxy Play Store Credits that will be awarded to the winning accounts.

Lonestar Mobile Gaming College Championship

The PUBG tournament won’t have any building of course – instead, the college-based competition will be inviting students, clubs and influencers to participate in a round of mobile PUBG. They will be asked to represent their favourite Texas school – and the winning school will receive similar prizes as in the Minecraft tournament, as well as some additional stuff like Notebook Odyssey Zs.

Additionally, there will be a more unique prize – the winning team will get to fight Gen.Gs own PUBG team – the reigning back to back world champs, and they’ll get autographed jerseys from them as well!

The tournaments

The PUBG tournament especially is a nod back to the beginning of Gen.Gs League of Legends team – it found it’s inception during another partnership with Samsung. Part of their intention is also to showcase the talent and potential that mobile gaming has in Texas… and that Texas has when it comes to mobile esports!

There are already several organizations, not to mention AAA game studios as well as things like game dev university courses of great repute in the Texas area – and Samsung and Gen.G together want to draw further attention to the US state.

“Mobile gaming has become a part of mainstream entertainment. We’re excited to bring these events around two of the most popular mobile games together with Samsung,” said VP of Strategic Partnerships with Gen.G, Martin Kim.

Co-founder of Gen.G, Kent Wakeford, was equally excited:

“Gen.G and Samsung have worked together dating back to the origin of our popular League of Legends team. It’s fantastic to do a full circle and be able to work with them in this capacity. The two tournaments are each unique in their own way and offer a great opportunity to connect gamers with one another.”

If you’re interested in participating, you should hurry up – the sign-ups on the websites are already open. Approach your school or organization about participation or sign up yourself, depending on the competition you are interested in taking part in.

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