Get On My Line 2021 – SMASH Melee & Ultimate Summer Major in June

June is shaping up to be a fantastic month for Smash Bros fans with two full weekends of events look forward to. The Super Smash Bros Melee weekend will be on June 19th and 20th, while the Super Smash Bros Ultimate weekend is the week after, on June 26th and 27th.

Both events are region-locked to North America and Europe. The NA SSB Melee tournament will feature a split bracket pool setup that’ll separate players into east and west coast brackets. The European side of it, meanwhile, will feature EU-based brackets for both Melee and Ultimate, completely separately from the NA Melee event.

To keep things interesting for all participants, there will be some additional side-events for players that don’t manage to qualify out of the early pool rounds. These events will be an amateur side-ladder type, and they offer additional competitive fun for event attendees. Attendees is somewhat misleading though – the event is a GOML Online one after all, and therefore, well, online!

Sign-ups for the events on both continents will be completely free, and the main events even feature a prize pool of $1000 per region. Event participation will be capped at 1024 players per event, and those who want to participate will need to have either a LAN adapter for Ultimate or a Wired connection for Melee.

The games

Both the Ultimate and the Melee games will have a set stage list with starter and counter picks. For additional info and the official signup, check out the website of the event here. You’ll also be able to find the merch shop (once it goes live).

While the announcement is pretty straightforward. It is the trailer that took the cake. If you check out the comment section, you’ll quickly see that there is, indeed, more about the trailer and its epicness than the event itself. It’s quite the same on YouTube and Twitter, with all praise cheering on the short teaser, and only a little about the event. We’ll have to wait and see how the event itself will match up to the hype.

Smash Bros fans are wanting to sign up for the Red Bull-sponsored event – even if some of them start with a handicap (of sorts)!

One thing is clear – this is going to be pretty big for Super Smash Bros fans. Whether you are one or you’re looking to become one, this tournament is a great opportunity to get in on the action.

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