A look at Gridiron: The Rocket League NFL Super Bowl LV event

Esports has its fair share of integrations between traditional sports and esports – and over the years, they’ve evolved to include some pretty big names on both sides of the fence.

The newest integration has two particularly high-profile partners joining forces. Rocket League, the popular soccer/racing game is partnering with the American NFL. To be more precise, Rocket League developer Psyonix is partnering with the NFL. And they announced the NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration Event.

Rocket League GridIron

NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration Event

This event will be coming to Rocket League on the 2nd of February. You’ll be able to enjoy the event on any platform you can play Rocket League on – and you’ll be able to play a brand-new game mode as well.

It’s called Gridiron, and it comes hand in hand with the return of the NFL Fan Pack. That means you’ll be able to grab Octane Decals for all of the 32 NFL teams – and you can display the insignia of your favorite team on your racer!

You’ll once again be able to buy the pack for 800 in-game credits between February 2nd and 8th.

As for Gridiron – this mode will let you play on a modified Champions field with yard lines and the NFL logo on it – just like a real field. The gameplay itself is 4v4 with football-inspired rules… oh, and of course, an NFL football instead of the original Rocket League ball.

This ball won’t behave like you’re used to – you’ll be able to pick it up and attach it to the roof of your car by touching it with said roof. You can pass the ball to teammates (or enemies!) if they end up touching the ball. Single jumps are okay, double jumps drop the ball – and a goal earns you either 3 or 7 points.

A ‘touchdown’ where a player carries the ball into the goal is worth 7, while a ‘loose’ ball that’s knocked or bounced in is worth 3 points. Oh, and you have to stick to the lines too – you’ll drop the ball if you cross the line marked on the Arena wall, so extreme air/wall manoeuvres are out if you want to win!

Additionally, there are also Event Challenges that let you unlock things like the Gridiron Guru player title, NFL Wheels, or even 20k of EXP. Like the NFL Pack, you’ll be able to enjoy the Gridiron LT mode between February 2nd and 8th.

That’s not a long time, so be sure to log in and play if you’re after the rewards, the decals, or you just want to see what the Gridiron field looks like! Fans on Twitter are already calling for the Gridiron mode to become a permanent extra mode – if it turns out to be as popular as expected, maybe Psyonix really will keep it around!

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