Guild of Guardians Partners with Esports Teams

Guild of Guardians is a highly popular mobile game built around the fundamental principles of blockchain technology.

Coming from the world renowned Immutable X, this title has been able to flourish in the current crypto gaming “bubble” of sorts, as large quantities of gamers are playing the game and interacting with the economies both in and outside of their gamer profiles.

Esports is another great example of how gaming has become more than a console and a controller, with competitive teams coming out of the mist earning vast amounts of capital from competing.

Guild of Guardians has been able to muster up a lot of traction, with esports doors being opened up by both teams and the game’s developers.


Image Credits | Guild of Guardians

Which Esports organisations have they teamed up with?

The list of organisations partnering with Guild of Guardians is fairly extensive with many names being recognised from a vast amount of communities within esports.

The list of them is as follows:

  • Cloud9
  • Fnatic
  • Navi
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • NRG
  • SK Gaming
  • Team Liquid

Whilst their branding will be within games and events linked to the title, players will also have access to a number of playable characters from these organisations.

Immutable X will be housing these collectibles. This has been proven to be a carbon neutral platform, allowing ease of access for digital assets whilst having the environment is a great way to conduct services within the world of web3.

Guild of Guardians is a fairly young title that has not been fully released yet.

A total of 250, 000 gamers have pre-registered for the early access version of the game. Collaborating with these well grounded esports brands will give them coverage to millions more gamers on every corner of the globe, strengthening the ecosystem and player pool!

5 of the above collaborators have a combined net worth of $2 billion, and have been featured on the top 10 most valuable teams.

It gets better…

On social media, these companies garnish a lot of attention from followers and fans. A total of 6.3 million social media followers engage with these teams. Places such as Twitter have proven to be prime sites for esports and crypto as many people post their projects, updates and results to the site for millions to engage with the content.

Having brands like this getting involved with Guild of Guardians is a great way to push authority and nautoriety for both the game itself and also the crypto gaming space.

We cannot wait to see how far Guild of Legends will go. Having esports teams on board at such an early, pivotal stage is a great foundation for them to leverage themselves up.

Furthermore, this title is coming from Immutable X one of the biggest development teams behind an array of titles that just further adds to their discography of games. Their implementation of ecofriendly practise is a great incentive for people to get involved with.

Happy gaming!