How to get Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest – Map with 6 Easy Locations

You can traverse the massive map in Sons of the Forest in multiple ways; one of the more enjoyable ways is using a hang glider. Like in real life, the hang glider is most satisfying if used from an elevated location. The game has few high spots, but the finite experiences on the hang glider add to its appeal.

However, the only issue with the hang glider is that you can’t carry it in your inventory; you must haul it to the location from which you wish to launch. While it is an inconvenience, your Sons of the Forest experience will be greatly enhanced by using the hang glider to view the world from above.

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The only issue is that you can’t carry it in their inventory; you’ll have to carry it. It’s not that great an inconvenience, and the game is far greater for offering this feature.

  1. The hand glider has multiple spawns as illustrated in the images above. You’ll have to open your GPS tracker or map first.
  2. Check your location by zooming in and out before heading to your closest location.
  3. Once you’ve identified the distance between yourself and the location, you can head toward it.
  4. If you are going for the snowy mountain, look for two red tents in and around the are, alternatively the coastal spawns are on cliff edges.
  5. Once you’ve located your hang glider, pick it up and fly off the cliff’s edge.
  6. Ensure that you fly off from a place without too many obstacles, like trees and bushes. It’ll be easier to figure out the controls if you fly into the open; you’ll know when to press forward, back, left, and right. You’ll also get a better view of the forest in open space. The view offers a different perspective to what can often be an unforgiving landscape.
  7. You can use your GPS while hang gliding, but be sure to equip it before taking off. Flying without a GPS is also a great idea – figuring out the locations on your own is a great way to traverse the island.
  8. When you’re ready to land, direct the nose of the glider toward the area you’d like to land.
  9. If you want to take another ride on the hang glider, it’ll be where you left it. You can locate it using GPS whenever you feel like giving it another go.

The hang glider is a fantastic addition to the game. It brings some levity to a game that can often be grim and dreary. Locating the hang glider is also a tremendous secondary experience – every revisit marks the progress you’ve made since your last hand glider attempt.

Sons of the Forest is the critically acclaimed sequel to 2018’s The Forest. Released in February 2023 by Endnight Games and Newnight, Suns of the Forest has a similar outline to its predecessor.  The protagonist is, once again, stranded on an island full of cannibals. This time, however, there are a few NPCs to keep the central character company, and the map is four times the size of the original.

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