How can ORDER beat EG in rematches? – MSI 2022 Round 2 Preview

MSI 2022 is already underway. After three days of action and we’re slowly understanding each region’s strengths. G2, ORDER and EG are playing a grueling quadruple round robin giving us plenty of screen time to analyze. Both ORDER and EG lost to G2 twice, and EG won both duels versus ORDER.

Going into rematches, G2 look untouchable, while EG looks like the default 2nd placed team.


ORDER and EG at MSI 2022

Both EG and ORDER went up against G2 twice at MSI and neither of them was able to win against the LEC champions. On one hand, we have Evil Geniuses who tried to play with Inspired as their primary carry, with Danny being the secondary threat. And were not able win out or close a game even after G2 burned their own game.

G2 dominated the macro game, especially with their Baron pickups and overall positioning. During both matches, EG was only able to pick up and occasional Drake and consolation Rift Heralds, which obviously had little value. G2 managed to outfight EG in most scenarios, showing how incoherent EGs playstyle is.

ORDER and EG had a relatively similar team composition to the one EG played, with both Aatrox and Karthus in the top and jungle role on Day 1 versus G2. Differed from the NA’s team comp, however, was the setup in the mid-bot, with Yone and the Miss Fortune-Leona duo. Nonetheless, the team’s goal was analogous. In their game against G2, ORDER was able to keep in touch with the opponents, falling only slightly behind in gold. Surprisingly, ORDER was able to find good opportunities, punishing G2 several times and a game-defining teamfight at the 20th-minute mark.

Unfortunately, the LCO team made the greedy call of forcing the baron, despite the enemy team members already back on the rift. The end result was the Baron pickup by the LEC team and an ace for them. After that, ORDER had no way back into the game and G2 broke their base in 26 minutes. In the rematch, ORDER was simply outclassed and trolled around the map after a blue buff steal at lvl-6 turned their game sideways. There was nothing much to analyze past this point as G2 were simply flexing their muscles.

ORDER vs EG in two matches

While, ORDER looked much better compared to EG on Day 1. Follow-up matches on Day 2 and 3 showed plenty of weaknesses in their lineup. Ian “Corporal” Pearse on Nautilis in two matches was utterly unimpactful. It may be the one dimensional way Nautilus plays out in a game, but the pick alone really cost ORDER across the map. Additionally, Top Lane for ORDER is utterly disadvantaged. Impact is really flexing on BioPanther regardless of champion picks.

ORDER did have Dragon control in both matches, and could potentially have Baron control in both matches if they did not sack too many single kill picks in the early game. With this in mind, both games between ORDER and EG should have been much closer if ORDER didn’t drop their early game.

Right now, EG stands tall with two wins in two matches.

Evil Geniuses vs ORDER Round 2

The way Group C is set up, EG and ORD have two more matches on Saturday.  It will be exciting to see what type of compositions the two teams will want to pull since both play similarly in terms of picks. One thing is certain and will be crucial: whoever can quickly fix their macro by the weekend will likely have a great advantage.

I’m actually hoping for ORDER to make the upset in both re-matches forcing a tiebreaker. Even a single win would mean a lot for a wild card region.

To do so, they will have to retain the Dragon control they had in both games. It would help tremendously if topside remains even and on an island. From there, ORDER has a clean way to close out a game the way they are comfortable with. It all hangs on the early game macro, and hopefully they have learned their lessons thus far.