Ninjas in Pyjamas is winning the global fandom game in 2021

Ninjas in Pyjamas (or NiP), the Swedish esports powerhouse, is making all the right moves to attract audiences and fandom globally. With rosters in various regions, their brand presence is global and their fans diverse.

Recently, NiP had to make the tough decision of moving all Valorant operations to Brazil. This marks two rosters in Rainbow Six and Valorant will now be playing the South American scene. A few months earlier, NiP merged with ESV5, and acquired aentry into the Chinese LPL League of Legends scene. Nowdays, with competitive presence in China, South America and Europe, the organization seeks to re-define what a global esports brand means.

NiP fans

NiP’s Diversified Esports Divisions across the globe

While the Brazilian parade seem like a typical debut, the move to diversify NiP’s global coverage is a power move. Besides NiP’s Valorant team in Brazil, other current divisions include the veteran European CS:GO team, a championship-winning Brazilian Rainbox Six: Siege team, and most recently, a Chinese League of Legends team.

For context, NiP announced their merge with China’s ESV5, which will rebrand team Victory Five to the iconic NiP. Considering China’s famed LoL scene, it’s a strategic move from NiP to re-enter LPL (League of Legends Pro League in China).

Besides, ESV5 overseas a wider China and Asia Esports operations, which can pave way for NiP into other trending Esports in Asia. It wouldn’t be a hassle to pick up another Chinese line-up for upcoming Esports titles, such as Honor of Kings, the China-exclusive mobile MOBA.

NiP’s move to adopt a Brazilian Valorant team is backed by their plans to open a new headquarters in the region. It’s a strategy to expand their esports operations at LATAM, considering the overwhelming fan base there. After all, Valorant is a rising Esports in the industry and has an estimated 12 million active players every month of 2021.

NiP’s rumored return to old-school Esports

Other Esports titles worth investing are PUBG Mobile and Dota 2, which NiP doesn’t have any team coverage yet. In fact, NiP was no stranger to Dota 2, which formerly put the Swedish Dota brand on the map. In 2015, NiP became a mainstay in Dota 2 events but opted out in 2020 due to the pandemic-impacted Dota 2 scene.

Hence, referring to their department announcement titled “We say farewell to DotA 2 – for now, ” we can certainly expect NiP to return to Dota 2 scene. Keeping with their global audience game, perhaps NiP might look into a Southeast Asian team for a change in pace. PUBG Mobile, the mobile MOBA sensation is also no stranger to Asian fans. For instance, Team Secret’s PUBG Mobile team is based in Malaysia, so there’s an opportunity for NiP to follow suit.

All praise for NiP is deserved. Stepping out of their comfort zone, and proactively seeking opportunities across the globe will help the overarching esports scene immensely. It might just be the key to growing their international Esports fanbase.

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