Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 Playoffs Predictions & Match Analysis

We are back after a bloody day of Playoffs at the Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021. Only two teams remained in the upper bracket, while iG Vitality settled for eighth place. Yet, the eliminations are not slowing down as three more teams will be out of the Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational by day’s end.

I’ve scouted three matches worthy of your wagering consideration. Check the analysis below.

OB Esports x Neon vs Invictus Gaming

It’s a pleasant surprise for Southeast Asian fans as OB.Neon pulled an upset on team RNG. RNG secured top seeds in their group by not settling for any loss, but OB was a different opponent.

When RNG opted for their signature teamfight-oriented draft, OB countered with single-target combos that instantly kill an unsuspecting enemy. This worked well by putting RNG at a numbers disadvantage before a fight breaks, and ultimately OB had the sustainability to outlast them too.

On the contrary, RNG pulled the same tactic as their opponent in their last match, but OB was ready to overwhelm them with stronger wide-range combos. We like to think that OB played the mental warfare by manipulating RNG to opt for single-target combos and ban Templar Assassin. However, OB expected the TA ban, and opted for a different strategy, once again showcasing OB’s vast hero pool.

Heading into their fight with IG however, it would be optimistic to say OB has a shot against IG. IG with its strong composure will be tough to win against, especially for OB standards. The odds reflect in favor of IG at x1.09 versus OB at x6.87 returns. Expect short game times here.

Royal Never Give Up vs Xtreme Gaming

Moving onto the lower bracket series, RNG is looking to recuperate from their sloppy loss earlier. The odds on RNG have drastically worsened after RNG’s unexpected loss, which puts Xtreme Gaming in a more comfortable position. Perhaps it’s noteworthy to mention that RNG and Xtreme faced off before, specifically in the group, which concluded with a tie.

For starters, RNG has been phenomenal with their execution and versatile drafts. They tried out various playstyles and don’t shy away from expanding hero pools. Notably, the midlaner, Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao has diversified his hero options ever since the community commented on the player being a one-trick pony.

That said, even legends have their downs, and they were ultimately caught off-guard by OB. Anyways, we doubt RNG will have a tough time with Xtreme since they played before and they should have done better homework by then.

However, the Dota 2 odds were in favor of RNG at x1.45 while Xtreme is at x2.68 returns. Going for a drawn out series is the ideal bet here.

Team SMG vs Team Aster

Lastly, we have Team SMG at the brim of elimination later today. Undeniably, SMG didn’t meet our expectations for a team consisting of former players in high-profile teams. Looking back at their group with RNG and VG, it certainly wasn’t tougher than the other group where IG played.

SMG seems to enjoy greedy drafts, which can be a catalyst in the midgame. However, considering how well opponents were able to prolong the match, SMG is at a caveat. The greedy draft leaves SMG with half-baked hero builds that can quickly become a massacre if one gets caught out.

While SMG is by no means an ideal candidate in this match or Dota 2 betting overall, Aster’s new line-up still experiences hiccups as they narrowly survived for playoffs. We witnessed a lacking identity in their playstyle and hero picks felt stale. Nevertheless, Team Aster is still favored to win at x1.49 versus SMG at x2.55 odds.

If you have faith in SMG pulling out ahead, you can play a singles bet as greedy as their comps are.

Vici Gaming awaits the winner of the series between SMG vs Aster. The Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 highlighted the unexpectedly strong candidates in both SEA and China. Consider these as pre-DPC 2021-22 matches, as we watch the top seven teams fight for tournament life. The odds featured are exclusively available on GG.BET.