IEM Cologne 2021 Playoffs Predictions & Match Odds

The first LAN in ages began last week with IEM Cologne 2021. Much excitement surrounded it as it would answer all of the questions built up in the online era. Who would crumble when placed in a LAN environment? Who would reign supreme? Would those who struggled online pull themselves together?

Answers were given to all of those questions and more.

IEM Cologne 2021


We saw Mousesports, Complexity, Spirit and Renegades lose two best-of-three series in a row resulting in early exit.  Heroic was unable to pull through in the big games, which came as a surprise to many. They will have to prove they are more than onliners at the next LAN.

One of the welcome surprises of the tournament was the performance of FaZe. Many were worried of an early exit after losing their first match, but FaZe stepped up. They won the remainder of their series and advanced to the quarter finals.

Virtus.Pro was another team that surprised people. Few thought they would perform on LAN. They ended up beating Complexity, NIP and BIG  with convincing performances. Gambit played fairly well, beating Mousesports and NIP before they fell to a surging G2. G2  looked very strong in their return, firing on all cylinders. They are a scary team to whoever they will come up against.

The Playoffs are a real treat for CSGO betting, as correct match scores have absolutely insane CSGO odds.

IEM Cologne 2021 Bracket


IEM Cologne 2021 Playoffs Match Predictions

Two elimination matches kick off the bracket with the winners of each facing G2 and Natus Vincere in the following round. Here’s a short recap of potential outcomes and the most likely scorelines.

Virtus.Pro vs Astralis

Virtus.Pro looked convincing in their wins so far this tournament. However, they looked far from unbeatable. Their star AWPer, Jame, certainly had a role to play in their success. This will be where the series is decided, as newly appointed Astralis AWPer Dupreeh continues to learn the position. With such a discrepancy in tenure between these two players, it will be a big challenge for Dupreeh to outperform Jame on the AWP. Astralis looked good in the first round, however Bubzki was a clear weak point that Virtus.Pro will look to exploit.

Prediction: Virtus.Pro 2-0 at x4.28 over at

Gambit vs FaZe

Gambit shot up to the number one position in the online era. While they performed well, they could not quite pull it off against a Na’Vi that seemed unwilling to lose a series. This was their first test to prove they can perform on LAN. There is an immense amount of pressure here, as they face one of the best LAN IGLs to ever play in Karrigan. Karrigan is most comfortable on LAN and he has proved that with FaZe’s performance so far in their return. Twistzz’s return to form should be terrifying for anyone they come up against.

Prediction: FaZe 2-1 at x5.11 over at GG.BET.

Na’Vi vs Winner of Gambit vs FaZe

Na’vi should not be bet against this tournament. S1mple is on another level right now and his teammates have been performing up to par themselves. S1mple is holding steadfast in the face of adversity. A force to be reckoned with every single round. A constant grind for their opponents, as no round is guaranteed if he is left alive.

Prediction: Na’Vi 2-1

G2 vs Winner of Virtus.Pro vs Astralis

With how G2 fought tooth and nail for every series victory this tournament, it would be hard to bet against them. Sometimes you can just tell who is going to take it all the way to the finals and that is the confidence G2 have been giving off. NiKo is back to his old ways, unflinching in the face of adversity.

Prediction: G2 2-0

This return to LAN has breathed new life into S1mple and NiKo both. Of course, they could still both lose in the semi finals, but it just seems destined that these two leviathans come up against each other in the grand finals.

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