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IEM Cologne is back, and before the main event starts, we will see teams put it all on the line in order to qualify for the main stage. A total of 16 teams will compete in the Play-In and here are our most confident picks for the openers.

IEM Cologne Play-In Bracket

Intel Extreme Masters

We make today’s selections at, who offer some of the best CSGO odds for the selections we want to place in our betting slip.

Spirit vs MiBR

Let’s start our IEM Cologne picks with the easiest pick out of them all. There are a lot of big favorites available for betting, but this match stands out, and here is why. Spirit won 4 straight while MiBR is winless in their last 5. The Brazilians were battered by good and bad teams alike, and that says a lot about their current form.

Since this is a best of 1 match, predicting a correct veto could be hard but we know that Ancient is not going to be put in play here. In the end, Spirit is comfortable on both Dust 2 and Mirage and we believe that one of these maps will be played. All in all, current odds on Spirit to win this match are not that high, but we will take free money when we see it.

Prediction: Spirit to win
Odds: 1.32

Evil Geniuses vs FaZe Clan

Two juggernauts will clash in the opener of the IEM Cologne Play-In. Current odds are a complete coinflip as betting sites do not know who to favor here. We agree with betting sites that trying to predict a match-winner here is impossible, but we did find a very interesting bet.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the form. EG lost 4 in a row. Truth be told, they played against top teams like Gambit and OG. On the other hand, FaZe won only one match in the last 5 played.

Given the fact that EG remained inactive, we do not know what to expect from their map pool. FaZe, however, will look to get this match on either Nuke, Inferno, or Mirage. Since both teams found some success on Inferno, we will dare to say that this is going to be the map for this best of 1 match.

As mentioned above, betting on the match winner is pointless hence why we will go with total rounds played bet as it is equally rewarding and it has a better chance of landing.

Prediction: Total Rounds Played(27.5) – Over
Odds: 2.22

Complexity vs ViCi

We all know that the Asian region does not have a strong presence on the international CSGO scene. Teams like ViCi and Tyloo are often battered by the European teams. A similar thing is going to happen once again.

Complexity won three straight while ViCi has 4 wins in their last five played. However, this does not mean much since they played the likes of Tyloo and Invictus.

Mirage, Nuke, or Overpass are maps that are likely to be played and we do not see a world where Complexity struggles in this match. Sadly, odds on Complexity to win are way too low, hence why we decided to opt-in for a round handicap bet.

Prediction: Complexity(-4.5)
Odds: 2.05

IEM Cologne Play-In Bracket Expectations

We are looking at a potential EG vs Complexity match in Round 2 which would be an absolute banger very early in the competition. If you want to oompf up your betting slip with more matches, you can look towrds both NiP and Mousesports to win in their opening matches. Additionally, OG and Vitality are likely advancing as well.

If you fill up your accumulator with these additional matches, will give you nearly fifteen-fold returns on your initial betting amount.

IEM Cologne odds


In the end, remember to check back with our Esports News section for more predictions as the event moves along. We will cover IEM Cologne through Play-In, and until the returning LAN champion lifts their trophy.