IEM Dallas 2022 Quarterfinals – Match Analysis & Predictions

It’s quarterfinals time at IEM Dallas 2022. Some of the best CS:GO teams clash for a spot in the semifinals and a hefty pay bump.

Can FaZe Clan go all the way again? Is it EZ4ENCE in the semis? Will G2 finally win a bracket match?

Below are our match breakdown and predictions for the quarterfinal matches.

IEM Dallas Friday Schedule

G2 Esports vs FURIA

On paper, there is no denying that G2 is a much better team overall. Individually, they are miles ahead of FURIA, but the thing is, Aleksib’s leadership did not really bring much to G2 and this was proven in their recent bout against ENCE where they were battered.

Even though they bounced right back with two solid performances against Vitality and Astralis, we are still unsure whether G2 has what it takes to dispose of FURIA. Brazilian CS:GO squad looked impressive until they faced off against BIG. It is not easy to beat Cloud9 (former Gambit) over the course of two maps. To make things even better, they completely demolished them on Vertigo, which has been a go-to pick for sh1ro and his crew throughout the tournament.

The question remains, how big of a chance does FURIA have against G2?

If we take a closer look at map veto, we can conclude that Overpass and Dust 2 are not being played. This will hurt G2 quite a bit since Dust 2 is one of their best maps. But, they will for sure get a comfortable pick for themselves, that being Inferno where G2 won eight straight bouts. FURIA also brings a lot to the table from the map pool side of things. The fact is, FURIA will opt to play either Vertigo or Mirage. Given the fact that they looked incredibly well on Vertigo against Cloud9, this should be their pick for this best of three series.

All in all, both teams are getting what they want from map veto. Inferno is where G2 thrives and the same goes for FURIA on Vertigo. The logic is simple, we are seeing a decider in this one.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5

FaZe Clan vs Cloud9

This should be a close match, but we believe that one team has a big advantage in this one, and here is why. After winning two straight, FaZe Clan suffered a loss to a reborn ENCE Esports team. Cloud9, however, bounced back after they got stomped by FURIA. They defeated the likes of Liquid and NIP which are nowhere near the level FaZe Clan is on. The main focus of this bet is map veto.

The former Gambit roster relies heavily on Vertigo and they have picked it in every match so far. But guess what, this is a map that FaZe Clan will permaban. To be honest, we do not see any other way for Cloud9 to steal a map in this IEM Dallas quarterfinal match.

The odds on FaZe Clan to win this bout are not as high, hence why we are going for a 2:0 victory bet.

Prediction: FaZe Clan to win 2:0

Overall, GG.BET will give you x4.7 retrun on your investment for just a two-fold line. #ezpz