IEM Fall 2021 Predictions & Match Odds with LOOT.BET

The biggest month for CSGO in 2021 begins with an action packed schedule at IEM Fall. It’s the last chance for teams to earn RMR and qualify for PGL Major Stockholm at the end of the month. With one RMR event skipped this year and most teams barely at 1000 points, its possible for everyone to get a spot at a major.

Plenty of teams recognized this opportunity and are bringing their A game to the IEM Fall event. Some intense matches are happening across the board, and esports bookmakers are struggling to keep up with all the upsets.

We will follow both the CIS and Europe events and provide bi-weekly predictions paired with match odds provided by LOOT.BET. Let’s start off with four games coming up this weekend.

OG Aleksib


Even though DBL PONEY has had one hell of a year so far, we simply do not believe that they have what it takes to beat the best CSGO teams in the world. FaZe, however, found their footing as they defeated both Complexity and OG recently.

With karrigan back on the team, FaZe has a solid strategy and structure of how they approach the game. On the other hand, DBL PONEY mostly relies on individual brilliance that can only get them so far.

The fact is, this is a best of 1 match so a surprise is a possibility. But, DBL PONEY is on a decline right now as they accumulated two straight defeats to mediocre teams. If FaZe can sway map veto towards Ancient, Mirage, or Dust 2, they should win this match without breaking a sweat.

Prediction: FaZe to win
Odds: 1.50

Sinners vs Endpoint

After losing 4 straight matches, Endpoint finally caught a break against Movistar Riders. On the other hand, Sinners have won three out of the last 5 played. It is very important to mention that oskar is playing on a different level right now as he got himself a rating of 1.18 for the last 90 days.

That being said, we believe that he will have no problem outmatching Endpoints sniper and eventually this will lead to a match victory for the Czech roster. When it comes to map veto, Sinners should avoid maps such as Overpass and Vertigo and they should rather focus on Inferno, Mirage, or Ancient where they will have the highest chance of coming out on top.

All in all, Sinners are by far the better team in this match. Oskar is on a tear right now and with him being on point, Endpoint will not stand a chance in this match. Sadly, odds represent that.

Prediction: Sinners to win
Odds: 1.38

Heroic vs Astralis

Moving on to the tier 1 teams. In the Danish derby, we highly rate one team, that being Heroic. Here is why. Before losing to Natus Vincere in their last bout, Heroic strapped together 6 wins while Astralis can’t find their footing with 3 defeats in the last 6 played.

It is also important to mention that gla1ve is not going to compete at IEM Fall and this is a huge blow for Astralis. With the level of team play and cohesion Heroic is bringing to the table, we are positive that this is one of the best bets you can make during the early stage of IEM Fall. Odds are very rewarding as well.

Prediction: Heroic to win
Odds: 1.63

ENCE vs MAD Lions

For our last IEM Fall prediction, we are going for a value play. Both MAD Lions and ENCE are not looking that good right now. ENCE won two out of the last five played while MAD Lions won three out of the last five.

Map veto is similar and it would not be a surprise if these two teams end up on a map that suits them both. This is providing a great deal of value, especially once you find out that MAD Lions are big underdogs in this one.

Even though this is a long shot, the value is for sure here, especially if things end up on Overpass, Mirage, or Ancient.

Prediction: MAD Lions to win
Odds: 2.25

You are looking at a potential eight-fold return on your investment if you tie these games in an accumulator slip. Additionally you can utilize the bonus to earn some extra funds.

FaZe vs DBL PONEYFaZe to win@ 1.50
Sinners vs EndpointSinners to win@ 1.38
Heroic vs AstralisHeroic to win@ 1.68
ENCE vs MAD LionsMAD Lions@ 2.25

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