Champions Stage Awaits – IEM Rio 2022 Playoffs Preview & Analysis

IEM Rio 2022 is serving us an interesting bracket heading into the Champions Stage. The Playoffs bracket seems perfectly balanced in both how it looks down the line and how the matches feel from the get go.

With four elimination series over the next two days, there is plenty to go through. Let’s get right to it.

IEM Rio Playoffs Bracket

We are in for a banger Champions Stage in Rio!

Outsiders vs Fnatic

In our books, this will be a one-sided affair where one team will have many advantages. Let’s start with the current form. Outsiders won three straight, and they defeated solid teams like MOUZ, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Spirit. On the other hand, fnatic had their ups and downs but they prevailed by beating ENCE and BIG.

Map veto for this best of three match is going to be easy to predict. Dust 2 and Nuke are getting permabanned. This means that Inferno is the most reasonable pick for Outsiders while Overpass should be the map fnatic goes for.

There are a couple of things you need to know before we conclude this prediction. In the Challengers Stage, these two teams played against each other and the match was very one-sided. Outsiders left fnatic with one(1) round on Overpass and that says a lot. All in all, we believe that Jame and his crew will win this match easily.

MOUZ vs Cloud9

Cloud9 won six straight games and they are looking better than ever. On the other hand, MOUZ is sitting on two victories and two defeats in the last four games played. It is also important to mention that Cloud9 beat top contenders such as Natus Vincere and FaZe, while MOUZ struggled against the likes of ENCE, Outsiders, and BIG.

There is no need to talk much about map veto for this one. The only logical choice for MOUZ is either Inferno or Mirage, and we do not think that they have what it takes to beat Cloud9 on these maps. As for Cloud9, they can go for either Vertigo or Overpass and they will have a massive advantage there.

All in all, Cloud9 is red hot right now and it really seems like no one is able to stop them. In our opinion, sh1ro and his team will wrap up this match over the course of two maps.

Cloud9 IEM Rio

Cloud9 are on an absolute tear in Rio

Team Spirit vs Heroic

This one is going to be very interesting, and overall, we should see a close match. Heroic looked solid so far at IEM Rio. Even though they were battered by Cloud9, they still played solid Counter-Strike. Wins over fnatic, Outsiders, and Liquid proved that.

Spirit, however, did not show anything in the best-of-one matches. They were defeated by FURIA and Outsiders, but truth be told, both of these bo1s could have gone the other way around(16-14, 16-13). The Brazilian squad bounced right back with victories against Sprout and Liquid.

It is going to be hard to predict a correct map veto, but we will try anyways. Dust 2 is getting permabanned by Heroic, while Spirit will want to remove Inferno first. Furthermore, Nuke looks like a solid pick for Spirit in this one and Overpass should be the go-to map for Heroic in this one.

In all fairness, we believe that Heroic is a better team in this match. They are capable of competing on Nuke and they will have it their way on Overpass. The smart money is definitely on the Danish side.

FURIA vs Natus Vincere

Last but not least, we want to end this with a very simple match breakdown. There is no denying that Natus Vincere belongs to the very top of the Counter-Strike esports scene. However, after a poor start and two 16-14 defeats to Cloud9 and Liquid, s1mple and co. found themselves in a lot of trouble.

Two swift victories against Bad News Eagles and BIG booked them a spot in the playoffs. Contrary to this, FURIA won six straight matches, but they did not face this level of competition. At these state, Natus Vincere is the only logical choice moving forward.

There is little doubt NaVI will meme their way to another win.

S1mple IEM Rio


IEM Rio Playoffs Predictions & Match Outcomes

Our Legends Stage Picks were a partial success, and we intend to do better in Playoffs. All four duels are fairly straightforward in terms of favorites, as discussed above. Here’s our four predicted outcomes.

The CSGO odds in today’s selection are courtesy of GG.BET.

  • MOUZ vs C9 – Cloud9 to win 2-0 (x2.00)
  • FURIA vs NAVI – Natus Vincere to win (x1.50)
  • Spirit vs Heroic – Heroic to win (x1.56)
  • Outsiders vs Fnatic – Outsiders to win (x1.50)

For our previous set of predictions, check the toggle box below:

IEM Rio Legends Stage Predictions

We have three intense matches coming Round 4 at the IEM Rio Legends stage today. With FaZe Clan and NiP already out, its Vitality and NAVI left fighting to survive today. By the end of this stage, we may lose 4 out of 6 top 5 times before the Champions Stage.

Let’s dig right into the matches.

IEM Rio Day 4 Schedule

Natus Vincere vs Bad News Eagles

In our books, Natus Vincere is still the best CSGO team in the world. Even though they had their ups and downs in recent months, they will definitely be at their peak here. BNE is on their own little super run, after eliminating FaZe Clan a day earlier. They already lost two best of one matches against ENCE and Spirit, two teams that they should’ve beat easily if they are a FaZe slayer.

There is no need to talk about map pool for this one. We only want to point out that Natus Vincere is considered statistically worse on all maps in recent matches played, but the level of difficulty between past opponents is drastic.

Prediction: Natus Vincere to win
Odds: 1.14

MOUZ vs Outsiders

We are starting things off with the day opener in Round 4 of Legends Stage. MOUZ is looking really good right now, especially after they five of their last six and beat solid teams like fnatic, Evil Geniuses, Liquid and Vitality. Outsiders had a dodgier run thus far but have always made it count when it matters most.

Map veto is going to be very interesting for this one. Since this is a best-of-one match, we are going to see a lot of bans. First and foremost, Dust 2, Overpass, and Vertigo are definitely being removed early on. This leaves both MOUZ and Liquid with comfortable picks like Mirage, Inferno, and a potential Ancient.

All in all, this match is marginally favoring MOUZ, but based on previous match performance, we are going for the total number of rounds played for this one.

Prediction: Total Numbers of Rounds Played – Over 25.5
Odds: 1.43

Heroic vs Team Liquid

Both Heroic and Liquid are having a good run thus far, but both dropped important advancement matches. Heroic was dismantled by Cloud9 in the first round heading out of Legends, while Liquid lost their first match to MOUZ in a shocker start.

Both teams are likely staying away from Vertigo and Overpass, logic tells us that both teams will find comfort in whatever maps remain. Mirage, Inferno and Ancient will be heavy contests, while Nuke will work for Heroic only, and Dust2 for Liquid only. Either way, this series should provide us with a lot of nail-biting moments which is perfect for round betting.

Prediction: Total Rounds Played – Over 27.5
Odds: 2.01

In the three remaining matches today, ENCE meets Vitality, and Spirit faces Sprout in elimination rounds. Meanwhile, BIG and Fnatic will decide among eachother who gets to go to Playoffs. We will have one last elimination round tomorrow before we head into Playoffs.