IEM Summer Playoffs Round 1 – Betting Odds and Match Analysis

With the group stages recently wrapped up, the CSGO IEM Summer Playoffs are starting this Friday. All of the matches will be played over the course of the weekend. The quarter finals will begin Friday and will culminate with the grand final on Sunday. The weekend will feature six of the top teams who made it through their groups. G2 and OG came out on top of their respective groups and have earned a berth in the semi finals as a result. They eagerly await the results of the quarterfinals.

Speaking of quarterfinals, two CIS teams are taking on EU and NA respectively. Vitality is facing the polar bears while the Evil Geniuses take on Gambit. Here’s the opening match breakdown and our CSGO odds and predictions.

Vitality IEM Summer

Vitality vs

Vitality saw a return to form in the group stages. They beat Complexity and 2-0’d Gambit, the current best team in the world. During that series, ZywOo sported an incredible rating of 1.64. Additionally, misutaaa had a great showing as well, going 48-27 over the two maps. If ZywOo can bring that sort of heat to this match with misutaaa coming in for cleanup Vitality will be a hard team to beat. 

VP has been performing as you would expect. Winning in convincing fashion and losing hard fought series. With all of the cogs working as intended, VP will hope to show up with that same consistency against Vitality. 

For CSGO Betting, look for an underdog bet on Vitality to take the series 2-1. Alternatively, you can place singles bets on Vitality winning Map 1 and Over 26.5 Rounds Played, as well as a Winning Margin of 2-6 Rounds on Maps 1 and 3. All three selections are netting x3.40, x3.35 and x2.70 in returns respectively.

Gambit vs Evil Geniuses

This matchup features the best team in the world against a team who has been unable to find their form for months now. It will be extremely difficult for Evil Geniuses to pull off a victory in this series and they know it. They now find themselves without their coach, zews, after his recent departure. An uphill battle, to be sure. 

Gambit looks to breeze through EG with a swift 2-0. With their current momentum and form it is hard to find an avenue to a series loss. Furthermore Gambit is likely winning all four pistol rounds in this series. In terms of odds you are looking at x1.80 for a clean sweep by Gambit, and an additional x3.20 and x2.75 for winning both pistol rounds on each map.

There is plenty ways of combining both matches in a two-fold accumulator so make your picks as you please. The odds featured in today’s selection are from Betway esports. With the winners of the quarter finals playing OG and G2 respectively, this tournament looks to deliver exciting Counter Strike. The quarter finals will begin at June 11th 9:45am CST.

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