Immortals and Form Landmark Crypto Partnership

In the last year, the esports and cryptocurrency industries have found several opportunities to directly connect with one another. As time goes on, there’s a direct link between the two verticals, with cryptocurrency organisations and platforms signing revolutionary deals with esports firms. Now, another landmark partnership has been formed, as esports organization Immortals joins forces with blockchain AI company


This year-long partnership promises a wealth of collaborative opportunities between the two parties. As part of the announcement, it was revealed that Immortals would field a special team to flesh out a project titled ‘Team’. However, this isn’t the simple promotion of an esports team, but rather, an influencer campaign, bringing together creators from various sectors of the esports landscape.

What does this mean for the industry?

The Power of Creation

We’ve seen countless partnerships formed throughout 2021, as the esports and crypto industries continue to cross over. In the last few months, Team Liquid has partnered with Coinbase, Fnatic has joined forces with, and FaZe Clan has linked up with MoonPay. This partnership between Immortals and is the latest in a long line of deals that serves to unite these two industries.

Although it’s a relatively short contract, being just one year, it’ll be a ‘toe in the water’ experiment for both organisations. For, it’s the first partnership the company has entered into with an esports organisation. From the other side of the table, it’s a revolutionary concept for Immortals, bringing together an influencer team in this way. In a statement, Brett McGrew, the VP of Partnerships and Activation at Immortals, stated:

As enters the gaming space for the first time, we are able to serve as an authentic platform for their brand by integrating them with our expanding influencer roster. We look forward to working with the team to bring their brand to life through engaging activations that showcase their industry-leading technology.

There can be no denying the power of content creation and influencer-based marketing in 2021 and beyond. In recent years, streamers, YouTube creators, and gamers, in general, have acquired huge followings and as a whole, the space has become massively lucrative. As part of this deal, four individuals will sign up as part of Team

  • GosuHoon: Wild Rift content creator
  • PterodactylsFTW: Valorant content creator
  • AvaGG: Streamer and content creator
  • Demisux: Streamer and content creator

This partnership will also promote the presence of women in gaming – typically a male-dominated industry.


Team Liquid’s partnership with Coinbase is also an impressive one. (Image Credit: Team Liquid)

You Can Benefit from the Partnership

It doesn’t end with just a deal between these two entities, of course.

As part of the partnership, these content creators and influencers will be publishing content and broadcasting streams that fans can take advantage of. It has been confirmed that these ‘planned activations’ will include connecting directly with viewers, offering them opportunities to win merchandise and even NFTs. There’s a direct and tangible link with the cryptocurrency industry, given’s involvement in the creation of a decentralised ‘machine learning’ platform.

As time goes on, these deals will become a much more regular occurrence.