Impact Becomes Only Second LCS Top Laner To Record A Pentakill

Jeong ‘Impact’ Eon-young, top laner of the Evil Geniuses created history in round four of the LCS Summer Championships. He became only the second top laner in the history of the tournament to register a pentakill, achieving the feat in round four of the lower brackets against Team Liquid.


Image Credits | Impact

Not His First Pentakill

Impact has dealt a pentakill once before in his career, back when he played for SKT T1 in the LCK almost a decade ago. He played the same champion both times, Gangplank. He was less focused on damage back then, opting for a more tank-oriented build.

Heo “Huni” Seung-hoonis the only other top laner in LCS history to have gotten a pentakill in LCS history. Last month he announced his retirement from pro play, expressing a desire to move on to coaching. Huni achieved two pentakills in his career, once playing Quinn as his Champion and another time using Ekko.

This time, Impact’s pentakill occured in the fourth game of the series against Team Liquid, a do-or-die for EG as TL had a two-game lead. EG were desperate for the win, and they started out strongly, securing a hefty gold lead and winning two Heralds. TL’s strategy of shutting down Danny while pushing Hans Sama ahead didn’t seem to be working too well considering EG’s sizeable lead, and there wasn’t a lot of action around the map in the first part of the game.

Around the twentieth minute both teams exploded into action, engaging in fight after fight. EG dominated all of those, and secured an unassailable lead with a Baron and another 10k of gold. TL were out of options. Support  Philippe ‘Vulcan’ Laflamme, championing Bard, set up the TL players in the top lane, allowing Impact to move in on the kill.

Impact’s Long List of Achievements

Impact’s latest achievement is simply one more in a long list of accolades. He moved to North America from South Korea in 2015, and played for the now defunct Team Impulse and NRG Esports before moving to Team Liquid. In 2020 he joined EG, and they have never looked back. Impact was the World Champion in 2013 back when he represented T1, and is a five-time LoL LCS Champion – four consecutive splits across 2018 and 2019, and the unforgettable spring of 2022.

Impact’s is the fifth pentakill of the LCS Summer, the previous four all scored by the bot laners. Tony “Instinct” Ng scored the first Pentakill of the split for TSM against FlyQuest, championing Zeri. Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol managed it a couple of weeks later, with the same champion and against FlyQuest once more.

The third and last player to pull it off in the regular season was Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen for FlyQuest against Immortals, playing Lucian as his champion. Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes scored a Pentakill in the LCS Championship in Golden Guardians’ game against Immortals, once again playing Zeri.


Image Credits | Impact

Riot recently announced the top five players in the running for MVP of the Summer Split, the winner to be announced on September 9. Surprisingly Impact isn’t on the list, but two other EG players, Inspired and Danny, have made it to the list. The others are Cloud9’s Berserker, 100 Thieves’ Ssumday, and FlyQuest’s Toucouille,” League Esports staff stated in an official post that the MVP is chosen by votes from “the LCS broadcast team, third-party media, and the pro teams themselves”.

EG have had a troubled road to the playoffs, losing their opening game of round two 3-1 to Cloud9. That slip to the lower bracket meant that every game for there on would be an eliminator, but so far so good – they beat TSM and Team Liquid 3-2, both close encounters where they scrambled for victory in the final game of the series.

Now they’ll compete against 100 Thieves for a spot in the final against the resurgent Cloud9. But things seem to be going from bad to worse for EG – the latest development is that they’ll now have to do without their star bot laner, Kyle ‘Danny’ Sakamaki. Evil Geniuses’ CEO, Nicole LaPointe Jameson Tweeted a statement recently calling him the “Prince of Pentakills”, explaining it was Danny’s choice to step away from the game.