Alienware signs new partnership deal with Riot Games

Riot Games have signed a new deal that will make Alienware their official PC and display partner for upcoming League of Legends tournaments. The deal will come into effect at the start of the next competitive LoL tournament this month, and it will see gamers competing on Alienware’s Aurora R8 computers and 240Hz monitors.

The partnership will be a multi-year deal, and it gives Alienware the chance to get their brandname seen at a range of top LoL tournaments including the League of Legends World Championship, the Mid-Season Invitational, North America versus Europe Rift Rivals, the All-Star Event and much more.

© LoL Esports

Riot Games had previously partnered up with Acer for their competitive gaming hardware, but it’s expected that this move could give the Dell-owned Alienware brand a new lease of life. There had previously been concerns that Alienware products were a touch overpriced, but by featuring their PCs and displays at some of the biggest esports tournaments in the world, the hardware brand are expected to increase their visibility.

Alienware will be on hand at LoL tournaments such as the LCS and LEC, where they will treat selected gaming fans to everything from VIP seating to something called ‘new activations’. In addition to this, by including a multi-year deal for their LoL tournaments, Riot Games will be hoping that this leads to a greater standardisation of gaming hardware across the battle arena contests.

Riot Games have already made a string of high-profile sponsorship deals that will help their flagship title, League of Legends, maintain its position as the world’s most popular esport. Their partnership with the payment brand, MasterCard, raised many eyebrows, and with Alienware now on board, it seems that Riot Games are going from strength to strength.