Audi makes moves to sponsor new esports TV show in China

The German automobile manufacturer, Audi, has formed a brand new partnership with the Chinese streaming network, Panda TV. This move will see Audi being the main title sponsor for Panda TV’s brand new esports program, Marvelous Esports. The program will feature many of China’s top esports teams competing in on-air competitive gaming contests and it will also include a string of celebrities, movie stars and athletes.

© Panda Tv

The deal was showcased through an opening commercial for the Marvelous Esports television show that featured Audi’s brand new Q2L car, and also included the famous League of Legends esports team, Invictus Gaming. In terms of the games being played on the Marvelous Esports show, there will be top esports titles like League of Legends, Hearthstone, FIFA, Dota 2, Warcraft III and Honor of Kings.

Panda TV have achieved something of a coup by getting Invictus Gaming involved, as this esports organisation was the first team from China to win the League of Legends World Championship tournament. Other teams expected to be featured in the Marvelous Esports TV show include the likes of Team WE, Newbee and a host of many more top Chinese streamers.

As the Marvelous Esports show is something of a variety show, the producers have also lined up many celebrities to host the program. These include the likes of actors such as Wei Daxun and Chengjie Yuan, as well as famous Chinese athletes such as Tian Liang.

By getting a top brand like Audi onboard to provide sponsorship, it’s hoped that the partnership can help Panda TV edge ahead in the competition to be China’s leading streaming network. But with fierce competition from rival brands such as Douyu and Huya, it’s clear that the race has only just begun.

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