Australian Esports company is angling to take the lead in Asia’s esports market

One of the biggest esports companies in Australia – esports Mogul – is shaping itself up to go bigger. After a recent operations review, the company put out a statement saying that they were planning to stay “the world’s best deeply integrated and fully automated tournament platform”. In addition to that, the company has also announced that it is preparing for monetisation by introducing new features to and further developing their proprietary esports tournament platform Mogul Arena. If that wasn’t enough yet, the company also hired a new marketing chief in recent months – one Marian Kaufmann is now in charge of expanding the brand globally, with a special focus on Asia.


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Mogul is already pretty big – they provided the platform for the Thai Dota 2 qualifiers this September – a $300.000 tournament organised by Singtel and Razer. In order to strengthen their position internationally, Mogul says their plan is to draw new audience members and non-fans into the world of esports. Video games in general and esports in particular are already a pretty big deal in Asia, and the sector has experienced explosive growth over recent years.

Still, that’s not enough for Mogul just yet, and with their most recent project being an Android app for their platform, it seems like they might be on to a winning strategy. The app is set to come out in the first few months of the new year, and it will target integration with existing esports titles. In other words, it is supposed to open up partnership opportunities while bringing more convenience to users in one of the most important sectors of gaming…the mobile gaming niche of course.


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From a financial standpoint, the new app will certainly be beneficial to Mogul as well – they will then be able to accept in-game purchases from all over South-east Asia, regardless of the currency used. That’s a pretty big deal given the large variety of local currencies in the area and the ever variable exchange rates. In fact, this move will put esports Mogul in a relatively small group of companies able to do just that – Sony Playstation, Facebook Gameroom and Wargaming for example are in said group. All three also happen to use the exact same tool that Mogul will be using: MOLPay.

“Esports Mogul again had an incredibly strong third quarter driven by development of additional Mogul Arena product features, development of our Mobile App and preparing for monetisation by commencing the integration with MOLPay,” said Gernot Abl, the managing director of esports Mogul.

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you that Mogul means business, they’ve also recently completed a unique tournament management system targeted at organisers and sponsors. Using this system, third-party organisers and partners can independently create their own tournaments, thus making what is normally a very rigid and often complicated process a lot easier and more straight-forward.

The end result, of course, would be more great tournaments for esports fans to enjoy. In other words: A win all around!

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