Bet-At-Home esports feature: a new player joins the game

When it comes to the ancient and much beloved tradition of betting, esports are still pretty new to the party. From horses and traditional sports to gambling, humans have been placing bets since before they had esports, computers, or even electricity – and now this incredibly popular hobby is starting to cover more and more esports events and providers.

The simple truth is that not many legitimate betting places offer bets on video game events, and even fewer yet offer competitive odds – in fact you’ll sometimes find them differing quite strongly, that is to say if more than one provider even covers the topic.


As such, it’s always a joy to welcome a new betting provider to the esports world – as of this week, this still relatively short list includes With over 4 million users worldwide, they are anything but small, and now they’ve expanded their range from ‘just’ sport to esports as well! In fact, their betting range even includes some more quirky options – such as virtual dog racing!

Their actual esports section is very expansive and covers a lot of different games and competitions. While it’s not rare to see a betting provider dip its proverbial toe in the esports water by testing one or two events first, bet-at-home esports fully committed from the start and offers significant variety in their bets.

Covering games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, NBA 2K, PUBG, Call of Duty, Fifa, Rocket League, Street Fighter V and more, there is a good spread of popular and even some more niche games to bet on. Even World of Tanks and Halo are covered – truly everything an esports betting fan could want.

For those new to esports betting, there are several handy things on offer from bet-at-home: Not only is there a handy introduction to esports in general, but also to each of the games in their line-up, letting non-gamers know just what kind of game they can bet on.

Additionally, they also supply some handy information and news around the events and partnerships that go on in the different games’ leagues. Perhaps the best and most unique weapon in their repertoire however, is their betting guide. It is specific to esports and contains detailed information about the esports they offer.

This goes beyond telling you what games they have and what the names of the teams are – here, you will find detailed gameplay information that will make it easier for you to make an informed bet on your chosen game rather than taking a stab in the dark.

Why is this important? Well, imagine you were trying to bet on a game of football but didn’t know the rules and only had the scoreboard to go off of – that wouldn’t be enough to make an educated bet, and this goes doubly for esports, where every game has at least slightly (and often wildly!) different rules, scenarios, setups and match-ups.

Knowing team performance statistics is important, but bet-at-home’s guide isn’t so much about that as it helps you understand the context of the competitions in esports as well as their goals – would you rather bet on a shooter or a card game? A strategy game or maybe a MOBA? Understanding the conflict and goals of the game is essential if you want to correctly predict the outcomes of matches.


Speaking of matches – while there are already significant amounts of matches and events available, new ones are added all the time – those not so familiar with esports betting may be surprised to find just how many different opportunities there are, while betting veterans (or betterans if you forgive the terrible pun!) will find themselves pleasantly surprised by the great coverage bet-at-home already has.

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that the site really is dedicated to esports – where competing sites may or may not have an esports section tucked away in the depths of the site, bet-at-home displays its esports section proudly in the main menu, and as its own category, on par with sections like Live Betting, Casino and Poker. It’s great to see esports betting receive the treatment it deserves!

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